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Your 2020 guide to bathroom trends


When it comes to designing a bathroom, you want to ensure you nail the aesthetic. After all, you spend a lot of time in there. It’s where you wake up with a splash, spruce yourself up and brush off the cobwebs, ready for the day to come. So, it needs to achieve the perfect balance between practicality and style. And lucky for us, twenty nineteen has upped the ante on bathroom trends.

Tile me crazy

Bathroom tiles are a surefire way to add a touch of personality to your wet rooms, or add character to a lacklustre room. Tiles have become a key feature in modern day bathrooms, and each and every day they are being reinvented in terms of scale, colour, shape and texture. Embracing unusual shapes and patterns is an effortless way to introduce a splash of creativity.

Tiles have become the ultimate interior chameleon, with the ability to now take on the look of timber, natural porous stone, or marble thanks to advancements in technology. Capturing unprecedented realism, these porcelain tiles are growing in popularity due to their cost effectiveness, durability and aesthetic appeal.

Let’s take a look.

  • Size matters – in the case of trending tiles, the bigger the better. And big is beautiful. Gone are the days when tiles were only available in small sizes due to weight and high-breakage rates. Larger tiles mean reduced grout lines, they’re easier to clean, and can visually expand your space.
  • Shape up – tiles that fare outside of the typical rectangular shape are currently trending for bathroom interiors. From geometric tiles, to fish scale to honeycomb – no shape is off limits.
  • Speak out – grout doesn’t have to be invisible. You can make a statement by framing white tiles with charcoal, or by introducing gold or copper inlays.
  • Terrazzo is back, and back in a big way - Not only does terrazzo pack an aesthetic punch, but it’s exceptionally versatile, durable and low maintenance, so it’s a great option for flooring and high traffic areas. See more about terrazzo here.
  • Flip it and reverse it – Subway tiles are timeless, but there is always room for rejuvenation. Use them vertically, crosshatched, in a herringbone pattern, diagonally, or stacked.

The Midas touch

2019’s bathrooms have had the Midas touch and our tapware has turned to gold. This year is seeing the traditional chrome tapware take a back seat while gold, matte black and even gunmetal grey and brushed nickel take center stage. The industrial trend has extended to tapware, and we are seeing these metallic finishes emerge more and more prominently.

If you are looking to add an eye-catching element to your bathroom, then coloured tapware may be the answer you are looking for. Coloured tapware is bold and can form the hero of the space. Whether you need an aspect of colour to break up a monochromatic space or need to add warmth to a room, your tapware has the ability to take the room to the next level.

Back in black

If you’re over the rainbow, you can still achieve a stunning bathroom by mainlining a moody look. Marry matte tapware with dark timber cabinets and marble benchtops for a sexy, sultry style.

Or cut a dash with contrast, pairing black and white with mosaic tiles on the floor and walls. If that’s a little too far out of your comfort zone, soften stark lines with an oval freestanding bath and round basins.

Standing tall

Speaking of basins, expand upwards by perching them on top of, rather than sinking into, your vanity. Make it a feature point by opting for a splash of colour like baby blue or terracotta, or introduce metallic sheens.

You can even go all out with the terrazzo look, matching the basin and benchtop in that finish. Or stick to a classic, curved white bowl paired with a brass tap. Consider placing it in front of a window and flood your space with natural light.

Circle, square or rectangle, the choice is yours. Sitting pretty up top also makes a basin easier to replace if and when you want a refresh.

Round and round again

A perfect circle mirror with a matte black or brushed brass frame is magic, opening up your space and adding the wow factor. Gain some height with an oval variation on the theme, as paired with vertical tiles. Consider adding drama with LED backlighting.

Last but not least, treat yourself like royalty with these high-tech thrones.

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