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How to create a feature wall with wallpaper


Once associated with your grandma's sitting room, wallpaper trends have made a remarkable comeback in the last few years. From striking motifs to subtle texture, wallpaper makes a unique design statement and adds personal style to your home. But with a vast range of choices on the market and plenty of disaster stories from the past, wallpaper can be daunting. In this post, we give you our top decorating tips for modern wallpaper that delivers maximum impact on a minimal budget.

Start with a feature

For a low-risk result that will still add a bit of oomph, apply wallpaper to a single wall. The feature wall approach can be especially useful if you want to try a bold pattern that might otherwise overwhelm a room. If you're on a budget, you can also paper one wall and hang a mirror on the wall opposite it. It will create an echo of the print without the largescale expense of covering both walls.

Style consistency is key

Remember to work with what you've already got. Create timeless appeal by selecting a wallpaper that reflects your personal style and complements the rest of your furniture. Your wallpaper selection will have a better impact if it reflects the repeating elements of the interior design throughout your home. Love a minimalistic approach to home decor? Try a wallpaper design with a Scandinavian theme. Are your living rooms full of boho luxe? Steer clear of monochrome and geometric patterns, and look at trending art deco, grasscloth or floral wallpaper design styles instead.

Brighten up bare spaces

Bedrooms and living areas are the obvious choices to apply your wallpaper, but what about the hallway? Unlike living rooms and dining rooms, the entranceway is an often-forgotten corner of the house that's probably already in need of a facelift. You'll have more liberty with your choice of patterns as you won't need to match it to a room full of home decor. Consider your audience and choose prints that set the tone for visitors as they walk through the door. The same goes for powder rooms.

Pay attention to durability

There are as many types of wallpaper as there are places to put it. Some wallpaper designs are more durable and washable and are therefore suited for heavy use areas, such as living rooms and kids' bedrooms. For kitchens and bathrooms, pay attention to the purpose-built wallpapers out there that can withstand humidity and moisture.

More is more

You'll need to know the area of your room's walls – measuring your ceiling height by the wall width – to determine how much wallpaper you require. Any interior designer would urge you always to round your measurements up, and don't deduct doorways and windows. Doing so will ensure you have enough wallpaper to cover the space. With wallpaper, it's a real case of more is more and you don't want to cut it too fine.

Enjoy a wide range

Wallpaper is available in paint and hardware stores, specialty wallpaper shops, and online. You won't have trouble finding it, but you might have a hard time choosing between the thousands of designs available! By staying true to your artistic preferences, being practical about your budget, and having clarity as to where you're putting it and how much you need, you should be able to narrow down the search quite quickly.

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