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Single vs double-storey homes


One of the first questions to ask yourself when you are considering building a brand new home is whether you should choose a single storey or double-storey home design.

According to Metricon's senior residential designer Ricky D'Alesio, your key considerations should be where you want to build, what your budget is, and how you intend to use the home.

Your block

Many factors are going to influence your decision, and the major one should be the size and shape of your block. "Smaller block sizes and the rising cost of land means double storeys are very much the growing trend," D'Alesio says. "Except in regional areas, where there is space to spread out, and land costs are less per square metre."

If you have a large block of land, then you may instead prefer to opt for a single storey home. Or, if your lot is narrow, but you still want a large backyard or a swimming pool, a double-storey home could be for you because the style will maximise your living space on the narrow block.

Your budget

Another factor that will influence your decision is budget. There's an old adage that 'double-storey homes double the building cost', but D'Alesio says that's rarely the case.

"While the construction costs of double-storey homes are usually around 15% higher, they can be built on smaller, more affordable blocks," he says. "As land becomes scarcer, larger blocks will continue to attract a premium price tag."

Allowing you to stretch out on a large block of land, these days single storey homes are a luxury fewer metro homeowners are able to afford, leading to the increasing popularity of two-storey homes.

Your lifestyle

When it comes to home design, it's crucial to think about who will be using the spaces, and how.

The absence of stairs is a huge reason why single storey homes are ideal for many. "Retirees often prefer single storey homes as they downsize from a larger home because there are no stairs to worry about," D'Alesio says. "Single storey styles are also popular with families with young children because it's easier to keep an eye on the kids, and you avoid any safety issues related to stairs".

Meanwhile, double-storey homes are a great choice to maximise living space, especially for those with older children as they provide a better separation of living areas. The other drawcards? "Generally, there is more of a garden or yard footprint with a two storey home, as it goes up and not out," D'Alesio says. Depending upon the aspect of your property, a double-storey design may also allow you to enjoy some great views that are not possible in a single storey home.

Whatever style of floor plan you choose to go with, Metricon is here to help. We have plenty of great home designs and land packages for you to consider, including popular single storey ranch-style homes suitable for large country blocks, as well as elegant double-storey designs that are ideal for narrow suburban blocks.

For more design inspiration, the latest news, and to learn more about building your dream home, head to our blog, Home Truths.