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Get ahead of the game with these 2021 interior design trends


As we prepare to step into a new decade, Metricon’s Senior Interior Designer Jacinta Evans shares her expert insights into the major design trends we’ll all be following in 2021.

Colour is key

Incoming 2021 design trends will embrace the natural look in a big way when it comes to colour. “Forest greens, navy blues and dusty pinks will all be popular, as will terracotta and clay-based neutrals for details like textiles, linen, accessories and artwork,” Jacinta notes.

The standard white kitchen will take a turn towards moodier hues. “We’re getting bolder, with deep navy, charcoal and even matte black cabinet finishes bringing an element of drama,” she adds.

Laminate timber finishes continue to improve, both in terms of colour and texture. “They’re becoming increasingly indistinguishable from the real thing, while still allowing you to save on your budget.”

The rise of terrazzo

There will be a significant uptake in the use of raw materials to introduce texture and colour into our homes in 2021.

“Gleaming white Carrara marble will take a back step as we continue to see a rise in terrazzo stone finishes,” Jacinta notes.

“The focus on earthen tones will carry through to our floors and wall tiles, and marble will feature too with deep vein browns, greens and purples taking the lead.”

Expect to see a lot more timber and concrete as key 2021 design trends. “Furniture will get in on the natural kick, harking back to bistro classics with Vienna straw or cane inserts for feature pieces.”

Look good, feel good

It’s all about overstated texture and layering when it comes to textile trends in 2021, Jacinta says. “Chunky knits and weaves like boucle and macramé are the ‘must-have’ finishes we’ll all be lusting after, with unique fibres making their mark.”

Look out for fringe detailing and textiles with a ‘soft-touch’ appeal, she adds. “Velvets will continue to be prominent for an upmarket look, with added boho-style features.”

Jacinta says the tactile trend gives your space more interest and helps create a relaxing sanctuary. “It’s all about loosening up a little.”

Back to the future

We may be moving forward, but Jacinta notes that the 70s influence is back and here to stay in 2021.

“We’re seeing the 70s coming through in the use of terrazzo, vintage-look florals, macramé, the return of wall hangings and handmade-look tiles that celebrate imperfections in their glazes,” Jacinta says.

Dried flowers nod towards our environmentally conscious times, with people choosing eco-friendly, ethically-made touches. "Re-purposing will become big again, with a lot of people opting for locally made or handcrafted elements,” Jacinta adds.

Built to last

Furniture design trends in 2021 will see homebuilders opt for sturdy longevity over more affordable but lower quality items.

“We will see a big move towards smooth curves in furniture,” Jacinta notes. “Soft edges are on the rise, with straight boxy lines transformed into undulating curves. Teamed with darker, richer earthen colours, this gives a great balance between feminine and masculine styles.”

Comfort and quality are king (and queen). “Rich, warm timbers and matte black finishes create a warmth that celebrates nature, and we’ll also see a play on sculptural forms. Bold colour nods towards the Mediterranean, but with a more refined, Scandinavian feel, rather than the heavy, rustic looks we’ve seen previously.”

The 70s vibe carries through to eclectic Bohemian details. “You’ll see textured fabrics mixed with geometric forms and tribal motifs, cane furniture and pottery accessories,” Jacinta tips.

Bathroom tiles

Colour is back in a big way in 2021 bathroom trends, Jacinta says. “The typical white subway tile has made way for pastel tones and a more hand-made look. We’ll see more organic styles instead of the uniformity of 300x600cm porcelain tiles.”

Expect imperfectly glazed mosaic tiles and vertical patterns. “That creates a new and exciting look, moving away from the horizontally-laid tile that has dominated for so long.”

Kitchen magic

Evolutions in technology are making a major mark on kitchen trends in 2021. “We will see a lot more seamless integration, with cooktops integrated underneath porcelain benchtops, freeing up more workspace when not in use,” Jacinta says.

“Likewise, range hoods are either becoming a design feature hero, or they’re similarly integrated into ceilings, or tucked out of sight. Fully-integrated pantry systems continue to grow in popularity.”

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