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Forget winter wonderland: Style your table for an Australian Christmas


Whether you're planning a breakfast, lunch or dinner, styling your table setting for Christmas will help make your event extra special. You can quickly achieve the perfect Australian Christmas table aesthetic for an indoor or outdoor setting with little effort. Follow the tips below from Metricon's expert home stylists, to create a dinner table that will wow your guests.


There are plenty of ways to layer your table and make it look more appealing. Our stylists love using table cloths, table runners and placemats with soft fabrics to give the dining table a distinctive feel. Simple is great too. Lay down a white table cloth and use a brown paper table runner with a strip of wrapping paper over it for cost-effective style. Using different materials is vital when layering.


Every Australian Christmas table needs greenery, and we love Australian natives. You can have low trailing pieces that run the length of your table or clusters of small vases. We don't recommend large vases or arrangements as Christmas table decorations as they're hard to talk over. You're there to spend time with loved ones, after all! You can head down to your local park and grab some eucalyptus branches for some simple centrepieces. Red wattle or bottlebrush flowers look great with sprigs of gum, and you could add pinecones, gum nuts and red berries to add some more interest.

Wreaths and candles

You can opt for store-bought wreaths as centrepieces. These come in various colours – one is bound to be perfect for your theme – from lush greens to eye-catching metallics. Set candleholders inside your wreath to make it stand out as a hero piece on your table. If you're looking for inspiration, Adairs have some great artificial green garlands that make a fantastic centrepiece, especially when paired with candles or tea lights.

If you're feeling super creative, you might want to try making your own wreath – there are heaps of great online tutorials. And, if 'real not fake' is your thing, many florists create beautiful fresh wreaths. We're in love with those that Violet and the Fox create using native Australian foliage.

Use tree decorations

Your Christmas tree should be fully decked out and looking great – so why not bring some of that tree flair to the table? Feel free to use tree trinkets and other Christmas decorations liberally. Smaller tree ornaments make for festive napkin rings and baubles can be strategically scattered for impact around the centrepiece.

Place settings

Our stylists love making tables feel extra special by creating a place setting for each person. Grab some lovely linen-cotton napkins, tied with festive decorations, or even just some string with fragrant herbs and spices. Tying up some cinnamon with your napkin will add delicious Christmas smells to the room, or you could opt for rosemary which looks great paired with native gums.


In classic Aussie style, we recommend keeping the dinnerware simple. Think traditional white plates and silver cutlery. You can add colour to other elements of the table. Christmas crackers are a great way to add colour if they fit the theme. If you can't find the right colour cracker, you can get your DIY on and make your own or wrap ribbons around any bonbon in a colour that suits your table.

Following these decorating ideas will help make your Christmas party extra special. Forget candy canes, cranberries or plaid - you can achieve a beautiful Christmas look with a modern flair more suitable to holidays in Australia.

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