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Emerging Design Trends from Milan


In 2019, Italy was once again setting the style agenda, unveiling the year's hottest kitchen trends at EuroCucina FKT. The biennial event, which was held in Milan earlier this year, is one the industry's biggest international kitchen showcases, featuring the latest in design innovation, technology and interior trends, which continues to have a profound impact on the housing industry. Interior innovators from across the globe - including Metricon's interior design team - descended on the 22,000m² exhibition space, where they were able to see and experience the latest in contemporary design and kitchen innovations from 117 of the world's leading brands, many of which are yet to hit local markets. These were their top kitchen predictions for 2019.

Minimalist simplicity

In 2019 we were going to see a movement towards minimalist simplicity throughout the kitchen, the domestic hub of the home. Kitchens were becoming increasingly compact in size and, in order to maximise the use of space, we were seeing a reduction in clutter to achieve a refined, minimalistic look.

The minimalist movement was also driving innovation when it came to textures and materials, with the development of interior elements such as highly compressed laminate that represented the look of stone, seamless sinks integrated into bench tops and advanced realistic finishes. There was significant progress towards modest joinery solutions, and the integration of handles, or use of handle-less cabinetry to simplify the kitchen space. We would also see the emergence of porcelain-clad door fronts, and the use of glass to achieve transparency within cabinetry.

Minimalist Integration

Technology was making major headways in kitchen innovation in 2018. The integration of technology embraced a minimalistic approach and strived for effortless transparency. EuroCucina saw appliances integrated within work surfaces, with cooktops and sinks that seamlessly blended in with benchtops, as well as wireless phone chargers that sat undetectably. Range hood technology also continued to advance, with the ability to utilise range hoods as a focal point or statement art piece in a kitchen.

Minimalist integration also crossed over into cabinetry, with the development of draws with concealed handles, draw organisers and hidden storage smarts.

Palette - Moods of nature and rustic worn

The palette of kitchens was steering away from the signature, white Hamptons' look, and was embracing moodier, earthy tones. The new colour scheme adopted shades of midnight, burnt amber, charcoal and olive, which were prevalent throughout the showcased displays. We were also seeing a move away from blonde and limewashed woods to darker toned timbers with more structured, natural movement to complement the darker tones of nature.

Old was new again in the kitchens of 2019 with a return to a more rustic, worn palette throughout the kitchen displays. This trend focused on utilising classic colours in a modern context. These colours tend to be warm and homely, featuring idyllic neutrals and shades of grey and navy. Small pops of colour were introduced through furnishings and greenery.

Where to from there?

As always, Metricon continued to work with existing suppliers and focus on identifying new suppliers to stay at the forefront of kitchen design. We were integrating the emerging trends around joinery and detailing, materials and finishes, hardware, appliances, stone and prototype cladding profiles into display homes.

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