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Does your dream kitchen need a handy butler’s pantry?


Making the most of your butler’s pantry

Kitchens are the heart of your home - your central hub and the place where all the magic happens. And while we want our kitchens to be slick, stylish and on-show, there are some things that are better tucked away. That’s why so many of our customers opt for a handy butler’s pantry.

Why choose a butler’s pantry?

While a traditional pantry is just a cupboard for storing groceries, the butler’s variation is so much more. Just like the golden olden days when they accommodated the fancy silver and china, they give you extra space to store glassware, crockery and cumbersome serving dishes.

Basically a mini-kitchen hidden to one side, often it will incorporate an additional sink and perhaps even a dishwasher. Conveniently, it gives you extra worktop space for food prep, keeping things neat, tidy and super-handy.

Because it’s tucked away, you can opt to save a bit of cash by using more affordable fixtures and finishes in here. That said, many Metricon customers love to make it just as stylish as the kitchen it sits off.

Show off or not?

While many butler's pantries sit through an open-plan arch, consider installing folding doors or a cavity slider so that you can tuck everything away neatly.

If you like your on-show worktops nice and clean, you can stash appliances like toasters, kettles, juicers and rice cookers in here. It’s also handy for storing your wine collection.

As they often don't have windows, consider using internal lighting if you have opaque cabinetry. That way, you can see everything you need at a glance. Otherwise, opt for open shelves and good overhead lighting.

Deep drawers are a great idea for storing pots, pans and crockery you use daily. You can always pop fancier stuff on display in glass cabinets or on open shelves, either in your pantry or in the central kitchen.

Let me entertain you

Another brilliant feature of a butler’s pantry is that you can use it to keep things nice while entertaining. Stash dirty dishes out of sight while you're cooking and as you clear the dining table between courses, keeping on-show areas pristine while you wine and dine your guests.

Make your mark

Just because it's not on show doesn't mean you can't indulge. Have a little fun with your butler's pantry if it’s a space you enjoy using daily.

Stacking cookbooks on open shelves is an effortless way to add a splash of colour, as are feature tiles or wallpaper. It’s doesn’t have to be all-utility. Beautiful bowls, vases and vivid glassware can liven up benches and shelves. Greenery adds a sign of life, opting for artificial if there’s no natural light.

If it’s in-sight but through an arched door, consider picking up the colour palette of your kitchen but in a slightly different (or completely contrasting) hue to add visual interest.

Make the most of a compact space with under-lit cabinets, wood finishes and open it up with a feature mirror.

Whether it's another space to show off or a sensible workstation, your butler's pantry will make cooking at home easy. And who could argue with that?

Check out some butler’s pantry ideas here or visit one of our beautiful display homes for inspiration.