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Designing a timeless home that never goes out of style


As Yves Saint Laurent once famously said, "Fashions fade, but style is eternal".

And if you’re looking to deck out your brand-new abode, it’s important to know that not every trend will stand the test of time. From the multi-colour shag carpets and beaded curtains of the 70s to the avocado bathrooms and waterbeds of the 80s – every decade is guilty of interior tragedies that should never be revived.

So, to ensure your new home avoids any interior faux pars, we’ve enlisted the help of Metricon’s Senior Interior Designer and decorator whiz Jacinta Evans, who has shared her tips and tricks so you can futureproof your home and create a timeless look that transcends the ages.

Neutral walls and ceilings

Patterned wallpaper and pastel colours can add impact to your space, but if you don’t want to get the paint roller out again in a few years, it’s best to stick to the tried-and-true neutral colours. Jacinta suggests working with whites, linen tones, and soft greys, adding “mixing these colour schemes with a hint of charcoal or black will guarantee this palette remains on point”.

Less is more

Jacinta says, “timeless designs are all about a minimal approach that doesn’t come across as clinical”. Clean, simple and clutter-free are at the heart of minimalism. The less is more approach results in a visually appealing space filled with high-quality home décor that’s designed to last. You’ll find that your decluttered home will help to bring a sense of serenity and tranquillity into your life - Marie Kondo style.

Serene bathrooms

When designing your bathroom, stick to the concept of clean and serene. Jacinta says white, bright and light-filled spaces are best, with porcelain tiles for durability and easy cleaning. Fixtures are also an element that may require some careful consideration. While black and brass taps look great, they can quickly date. If you do want to feature coloured taps in the bathroom, ensure the rest of your home is consistent too.

Combine old and new

Jacinta suggests blending old and new pieces, rather than going for one style. “Select items for your home that you love, rather than selecting trendy, fashion pieces. That way, your home will always remain timeless to you.” Vintage pieces also help add extra charm and more personality to your space. You could opt for a coffee table, a feature chair that acts as an accent piece, a classic look table lamp, or any other piece of furniture to be the focal point of your room. When you mix up your design to feature items from different eras and styles, you’re more likely to create a timeless style, and the room won’t feel like ‘one moment in design’ aesthetic.

Invest in storage

You can’t achieve a stylish home if your spaces feel cluttered and claustrophobic. Jacinta warns that “clutter can immediately date your home” and recommends investing in cupboards, drawers and shelves from the start. Ensuring that there’s plenty of storage in key spaces such as the kitchen, bathrooms and living room – even if you don’t need it all right away – is a great way to future-proof your home.

Go natural

Natural materials such as stone, fibres and timber are safe bets for timeless home design. “Timber creates warmth in any home and ages really well, so it never looks worn out but rather worn in,” Jacinta says. There are plenty of ways that you can add these timeless decor materials into your home, from marble kitchen tops to timber furniture or cladding.

Monochrome styling

Black and white tones are staples of the fashion industry and for good reason – they can be paired harmoniously with other hues without jarring. The same goes for interior design. Black and white styling creates a high-contrast, dramatic look which can work in any room. If you can’t come up with a colour scheme for your home, monochrome is a safe bet, and it’s easy to add colour at a later date.

Light it up

Poor lighting can make a home look and feel dated as your space can become dim and dull. When it comes to feature lighting - such as pendants and chandeliers - Jacinta recommends sticking with “timber, black or white metals or aged metal for a timeless feel”. Feature lights can also be functional, such as task lighting over island benches, LED strips in cupboards and pantries (which you can DIY) and feature lights over vanities.

Blinds and curtains

Keep your window furnishings minimal in design and easy to retract so that your living areas feel light-filled and spacious. Full ceiling-length curtains in sheer, natural fabrics will suit almost any room. They’ll also make the ceilings look taller and create a feeling of depth in the space.

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