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Bedrooms that rock: Tween style


Bedroom style can be tough, especially when your kids are entering the teenage twilight zone - when they’re not little kids anymore, and don’t want to be treated as such, but they haven’t yet become fully-fledged hormonal teenagers who hibernate. Welcome to the in-be-‘tween’ years.

Living with a tween is certainly an interesting time. It is transitional and tumultuous but also exciting. There is a shedding of childhood that occurs, evident in both personal appearance and in the look of the tween’s personal space, and the bedroom is usually the first place to receive a stamp of their individuality. The baby blue walls or pink fairy curtains no longer cut it, and often, much cherished toys get ousted. Posters of boy bands and Instagram idols instead start to appear and with them, bold colour choices in pillows and linen are requested. Anything that makes them appear younger than they are is blacklisted and most likely a full bedroom overhaul will become necessary. It can be hard for a parent to accept, particularly if you have always been a style conscious decorator, but there is a way to make it work for both you and your tween.

When you are ready to tackle your tween’s new bedroom style, there are three key factors to be aware of:

  1. The bedroom needs an element of individuality – your child is on the cusp of a big change, and figuring out who they are in the world is part of that. Allow for some individual creativity and expression of self.
  2. The bedroom needs to be on-trend – whilst your tween will be keen to express their distinct style, they still also want desperately to fit in. Embrace elements of your overall home’s style but give them a young and fun twist.
  3. The bedroom needs to be cool – your tween’s friends will be hanging out here more often so the room should feel comfortable and should definitely NOT be embarrassing!

Metricon’s Senior Interior Designer, Jacinta Evans teamed up with Chris Carroll of The Life Creative and Mel Brady, styling for Snooze to discuss what’s tops for tweens.

Make it a team effort

Styling and re-decorating your tween’s bedroom will be more fun for all if it’s a team effort. They’ll be far more satisfied with the end result if they’ve had some input along the way, but you’ll still be able to maintain some creative and financial control. You should choose big items, such as the bed and desk, suggests Mel Brady, styling for Snooze. This way you can ensure your money will be well spent on good quality products that will last (a consideration that is most probably low on your tween’s list of importance!)

The My Design bed featured in the Snooze/Metricon collaborative shoot is a beautiful example of style, flexibility and quality. Not only can your tween be involved in customising the bed (different headboards, base and storage options and choice of 6 different timber stains), but it is also made in Australia.

Soft furnishings, linen and decorator pieces are where your tween can let their personality shine.

Functional decorating

Jacinta, Senior Interior Designer from Metricon recommends upgrading your child to a double, or even queen, bed as it will take them right through their teens into adulthood. A solid desk with plenty of workspace and shelving is also necessary. Be sure to get good lighting both for ambience and homework! There should also be plenty of storage space so the room can remain clean and calm.

Keep colours sophisticated

Avoid using any colours that are remotely reminiscent of childhood – these will not sit well with your tween! It’s also a good idea to stay away from anything too bold - your tween is going through a transitional period so they will no doubt tire of the colour before the paint is even dry. Whether it’s decorator items or wall colours, it’s usually safer to go for slightly more grown up tones. A simple graphic wallpaper or feature wall in a muted colour is more versatile but be sure to let your tween be part of the choice of colours, textures, and accessories.

Hang out space

Tweens love to just ‘hang out’, pouring over photos, books, games, fashion. Ensure there is some open, clutter-free space to do so in your tween’s bedroom. It should feel like their private oasis - a place that makes them feel good, a place they want to spend time. Beanbags, big cushions or hanging chairs are all great ‘hang out zone’ ideas.

Most importantly, the newly styled bedroom should be a representation of your tween’s sense of self. They will spend a lot of time in this space, so it needs to be comfortable and practical, but also cool enough for this transitional period.

Check out the video below as our Snooze and Metricon style teams talk you through the creation of their ‘tween’ bedroom style.

Looking for further bedroom styling inspiration? Check out Metricon’s Gallery and Lookbook. You can also find plenty of bedroom furniture and styling inspiration on the Snooze website. Have fun!