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Bathroom design trends forecasted for 2021

Chris Carroll

If nothing else, isolating at home this year has helped us realise how much we want to transform the rooms in our humble abode. And for many of us, no space is riper for a revamp than the family bathroom.

But where do you focus your attention when it comes to updating this zone? And where are bathrooms heading in the years to come? I recently hosted a design trends webinar at Metricon HQ that answered those questions and so much more.

Read on as I unveil the top bathroom design trends of 2021, as forecasted by Metricon's Design Manager Ricky D'Alesio and Reece's Product Marketing Lead Amy Meiklejohn.

Black Freestanding Baths

There's no denying that white freestanding baths are still an Aussie bathroom staple, but bold black colour stories are set to shake up bathrooms in 2021. If you're fearful of committing to an all-black tub, you'll be delighted to know that there are options available like the Kado Neue that give you the best of both worlds; a black outer shell and a crisp white interior.

The Kado Neue freestanding bath in matte black and white from Reece.

Back to Corner Baths

Freestanding baths are the heroes of the bathroom, but for those of you with a small footprint to contend with, a back to corner bath like the Posh Solus is an equally impressive solution. This innovative option gives you the grandeur of a freestanding tub but without taking up too much precious space. And it's a cinch to clean too.

Twin Wall-Mounted Vanities

Twin basins in the one vanity give you and your partner your very own dedicated 'me zone', but in 2021 bathrooms are going a step further by embracing two separate wall-hung vanities in the one space. This approach gives your ensuite a real sense of luxury, but it's also a functional dream if you include storage like cupboards or drawers within it.

Mixed Tapware Finishes

The traditional approach to tapware has always been to keep the colour consistent across the entire bathroom, carrying the one finish into towel and handrails too. But in 2021 things are becoming a lot more eclectic. We're going to witness more than one finish used across multiple pieces of hardware. Think a chrome basin mixer playing alongside black bath tapware.

Dramatic Powder Rooms

The big bathroom trend for 2021 is to be more dramatic and adventurous with your powder room design. You want it to reflect the style of your family bathroom or ensuite but take the design a step further. Think bold colours, unexpected tile choices, architectural lighting and exposed plumbing. A product like the ISSY Z1 Ballerina Vanity Unit allows you to feature the latter perfectly.

Thermostatic Mixers

The shower is no longer a jump-in, jump-out scenario. You'll be looking to make it a more immersive experience in 2021. A thermostatic mixer helps you achieve it. With the touch of a button, the mixer supplies your ideal preset water temperature. Not only does it make shower time a tailored experience, but the safety aspect for families with young kids can't be overlooked.

Smart Toilets

Rimless toilets took Australia by storm in 2020, and while they're still going to be big in the year ahead, the smart toilet is gaining momentum. The Roca In-Wash Inspira design comes with washing and drying capabilities, all controlled via a remote. It also features user detection and a night light, making it a technological must-have for 2021.

The Roca In-Wash Inspira Smart Toilet from Reece.

New Mirror Shapes

Gone are the days of rectangular fixed-panel mirrors. Organic, fluid shapes are now dominating, and the latest ones are packed with storage too. Circle, oval and arched mirrors will continue to impress in 2021, while options like the Issy Blossom Triple Mirror with Shaving Cabinet present handcrafted shapes and routed edges.

New Mirror Technology

With advancements in design come advances in technology, and in the year ahead it's all about new mirror features like on and off sensors, LED lights and defogging functions. The Kado Aspect is the perfect illustration of a mirror that has all the mod cons, but with a design that still feels chic and minimalistic.

The Kado Aspect Round LED mirror from Reece.

Sensor Taps

COVID-19 has resulted in a significant focus on hygiene, and in 2021 several solutions are coming to bathrooms that address this concern. Sensor taps are the biggest trend of all; the perfect solution for busy bathrooms and powder rooms. While designed for kitchens, the Memo Sia Sensor Gooseneck Sink Mixer is an excellent way to ensure hands stay clean all while reducing the number of touch-points. Look out for more bathroom options in 2021.

If you'd like to watch the recent Bathroom Trends Masterclass and learn more insights, follow the link below.

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