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Discover Empire: Our oriental-infused Lookbook theme


Metricon’s Lookbook is a gallery of interior styles, which provides inspiration, tips and hints on how to recreate the looks in your own home. With up to 20 themes to choose from, there is something for every home decorator.

Our very special oriental-infused theme is called Empire. The opulent Asian influence in a relaxed modern Australian setting is a wonderful dichotomy that is proving very popular with our clients.

What characterises oriental-influenced design

Interior design that was once unique to a particular culture or region is now spreading rapidly around the world, in no small part due to the internet and cheaper air travel! One such design influence growing in popularity in Australia is the oriental style.

Traditionally we think of Asian interiors as understated, serene and tranquil, with plenty of bamboo and a water feature. However, as with most regional styles, there are a variety of ways to capture the essence of tradition and blend it with the sophistication of modern interior styling.

Some oriental-influenced styling tips:

  • Keep the background neutral – whites, creams, pale blues or greys, deep brown
  • Add pops of colour – red, gold, purple, jade
  • Visual and textural balance
  • Organic and sustainable design
  • Sculptural lighting and lanterns

How do you recreate the Empire theme?

Ideally you start with a calm neutral colour palette as the backdrop and then add vividly coloured accessories such as jade and brass and chocolate to bring it to life. Adding lush velvet furnishings and gold accents adds another layer of opulence. The extensive use of marble tiling and rich hardwoods also helps add weight to the luxurious nature of this captivating style. Layering and a strong attention to detail are paramount to pulling this theme together.

The Empire style is on display in all its glory at the Doulton in Burwood East, Victoria. Senior Interior Designer at Metricon, Jacinta Evans, said of the Empire style: “It emulates the grandeur of the opulent orient, but we’ve also made sure it still retains the relaxed feel that’s so integral to Australian home design. Throw cushions, rugs and greenery have been strewn throughout the house to achieve that elegant, yet comfortable feeling.’

The Empire style instantly evokes a sense of luxury, sophistication and oriental opulence. Rich in colour and grace, furnishings are layered with lavish gold detail to create a style that reflects a sense of majestic wealth. Whether dramatic or understated, calming or classy, Asian themes such as the Empire, offer an amazing way to give your home an impeccable and exclusive appeal.

Watch ahead as Emily Osmond from popular blog Get In My Home speaks with Metricon Senior Interior Designer Jacinta Evans about how this stunning interior look can be achieved.

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