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Personalising your home: How to prepare for your visit to Studio M


When you picture your dream home, what comes to mind?

You most likely have an overall image in your head, maybe even an image of one of our beautiful displays, but very few of us realise all of the individual components that make up a new home – from flooring, to lighting, tapware and appliances – a new home is the sum of many parts.

One of the most exciting aspects of building a new home from the ground up is the opportunity to make it your own by selecting all these parts. Your home's features, fixtures and fittings will reflect who you are, combining the latest design and products with all of life’s modern conveniences.

With so many options, this decision-making process requires plenty of expert advice.

Fortunately, there’s Studio M.

Understanding our Studio M selection centres

One of the ways Metricon supports customers with their build choices is Studio M, which streamlines the selection process.

Gone are the days of travelling from one side of the city to the other in search of the perfect fitting — Studio M brings together an extensive range of product choices, conveniently under one roof for you to explore.

We put thousands of products and finishes on display, with a vast inspiration gallery and home styling library to get you started, and several kitchen and bathroom fit-outs to give you a sense of scale.

A visit to Studio M takes place before your build commences if you’re building a Freedom, Designer, Signature or DualOcc home.

Getting the right advice

With so many options available to you, you need expert help to narrow them down.

As Metricon's interior design consulting manager Marissa Bonacci explains, selecting your inclusions is made easy with the guiding hand of Studio M's new home stylists.

“The Studio M team consists of qualified interior designers, each with an area of expertise. They’ll help you make the right decisions for your new home based on your lifestyle and budget parameters." Marissa Bonacci, Studio M

The big day: Choosing the right fit-out for your new home

The selection process at Studio M takes about 4-6 hours depending on the size of your home, your budget and how prepared you are. It’s a big day, but don’t worry, we’ll have food, snacks and drinks on hand to help keep your batteries charged – and, there’s even a play area for the kids if you choose to bring them to your appointment.

During your consultation our stylists will ask you plenty of questions to ensure your choosing products that are the best match. "It's important we get to know who will be living in the home, how they will be living in it, and to understand their preferences, ideas and the vision for the home," Bonacci says.

Do I need to do any prep-work before my Studio M consultation?

Bonacci says doing some research and preparation before your decision day goes a long way to avoid overload. Her top five tips for making your selection experience successful are:

Book a preview tour of Studio M before you go in for your selection consultation

It will kick-start your ideas and give you a sense of what to expect.

Start scrapbooking

You can do this virtually with Metricon's My Home Tool, with Pinterest, or the old-fashioned way, combining inspiration from Metricon brochures and home magazine cut-outs. Be sure to include colour swatches and material samples that appeal to you, and bring them in on the day.

Jump onto our Lookbook

There are plenty of interior styling themes to explore, and it will show you how to apply a consistent theme throughout your home.

Visit display homes

Get up and personal with the details of our homes and note how they’re tied together. Ask our new home advisors for information on the day or add thoughts and questions to your scrapbook for your consultation. If there’s something you love in our displays, we’ll be able to tell you exactly what it is.

Explore our extensive gallery for your façade choices

Consider colour, feature finishes and brickwork that will bring your home to life.

To book a preview tour of Studio M, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with the team.