How to make the most of a narrow block

The great Australian dream of a quarter-acre block is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain with land becoming scarcer and the density of our cities increasing. This trend is happening throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and even smaller towns in NSW like Newcastle. As a result, more and more of us are choosing to buy or make the most of a smaller, narrow lot.

A compact block doesn't mean you need to sacrifice space for you and your family; it merely means you need to be smarter about your home design. Metricon can help you capitalise on the potential of a smaller block with a range of narrow lot home designs and floor plans created specifically to maximise the space. Here's this home builders' guide to taking advantage of your compact block:

Open up

Think big with your layout. Open plan living is the way to go when plotting family areas on a narrow block. While we have single-storey options, we think the best way to maximise your space is by building upwards. Look at the double-storey Designer by Metricon Metro design, which offers an excellent solution for homes as neat as 10m wide.


Letting the kitchen, living and dining space flow seamlessly on the lower level, the Metro ensures light-filled spacious living for the whole family. This double-storey home also includes a double garage and an outdoor entertaining area, accessible through sliding doors, ideal for the balmy, summer months.

There's no need to scrimp on bedrooms either. The Metro aligns four bedrooms along one side of the home on the upper level, all with handy built-in wardrobes. By positioning the shared bathroom on the opposite side of the home and including a leisure room, the Metro ensures everyone gets the space they need to retreat and relax. Click here to enquire about your new dream home, the two-storey Metro. You can also take a virtual tour and see inside the home.


Smoke and mirrors

Beyond the basic building blocks, there are a bunch of brilliant tricks you can employ to create an appealing sense of space throughout your smaller home.

By opting for a pale, monochrome palette on your walls, you will visually open up the space. Big windows will soak up the sunlight and appear to expand living areas and bedrooms. Try to avoid dark shades as these have the potential to make a compact space feel claustrophobic.

Generously deploy hanging or leaning mirrors of all shapes and sizes throughout your living spaces, ideally opposite windows to bring the outside in. They'll create the illusion of more space than you truly have and can also help break up big stretches of wall.


Light the way

Smaller spaces may mean favouring pendant lighting and walls sconces to free up tabletops, side tables, benches and floor space. But do remember to keep some upwards-pointing options. Bouncing light off your ceilings further helps to open up a room. Metallic and wood accessories help distribute light further. You'll want to let as much natural light into your home too - cater for a lot of windows wherever you can. More light helps to make a small lot look like a wide block.

Smart furniture

Get creative with your furniture choices, and you can pack even more into a cleverly designed layout. Consider multi-functional pieces, like giving over one wall to a large wall unit that incorporates a desk space, your stereo and TV, and drawers to hide away things you don't want on show.

Drawers are also innovative in coffee tables, ottomans and tucked under beds. Go wild with bespoke shelving that stretches floor-to-ceiling. Make furniture work twice as hard for you, with pouffes that double as side tables and spare chairs for guests.

You don't need to stick to small pieces. Rather than clutter up the room with lots of dinky furniture, opt for stunning statement pieces that give character and depth to the space. And don't be shy about using large rugs – these can give the illusion that space is bigger than it is.


Colour pallet

Darker colours tend to make a space look smaller, so when you're building a narrow home, consider light or neutral shades. That way, you almost trick your eyes into thinking the space is bigger than it is.

A clutter of colours, textures and patterns can also make your home look smaller than it is. When you're styling your home, try to pick 3-4 colours that you love and stick to them, rather than styling your home with an abundance of hues. A minimalist approach works best for narrow blocks. That doesn't mean you can't achieve a beautiful home, though! Browse our Modernism Lookbook theme for styling ideas.


Add some green

A small space can flourish with the help of natural greenery, particularly in living areas, bathrooms, and spilling over high kitchen cabinets. They may need a touch of TLC, but it's worthwhile if you want to create a more homely feel. Make a small outdoor space work for you by planting herbs and veggies in a vertical garden.

Art attack

Even the smallest space, like a powder room, can explode with abundant character if you fill the walls with art. Again, mirrors can make a little go along way when it comes to investing in signature pieces. Also consider adding more height to a room with long, vertical works, striped statement wallpaper or hanging drapes.

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