Our program

Earlier this year, Metricon Homes launched its Corporate Social Responsibility program.  Our team went through a rigorous process to find the right partners, ones who share Metricon’s values. We’ve already announced our partnership with CanTeen, to assist young people affected by cancer. Now, we are pleased to announce our second charitable partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity Australia helps low-income families achieve the dream of building and owning their own home.

Metricon believes that everyone should have a place that they can call home, and that they should love where they live.

The clear synergies between Metricon and Habitat makes this partnership a special one to the team at Metricon.

The first Metricon team to volunteer for Habitat in Queensland.

Who is Habitat for Humanity?

Habitat for Humanity has built over 160 homes in Australia, providing a hand-up to low-income families. They do not give out homes for free – they assist vulnerable families in building a safe and decent home of their own.

Disadvantaged families partner with Habitat for Humanity in the construction of their new home, contributing 500 hours of their own time during the planning and building phases. This ‘sweat equity’ contributes to a 5 per cent discount off the market value of their home when they buy it. They then receive an interest-free, 20-year loan based on 95 per cent of the market value.

Our support

There are three key areas where Metricon can make a difference for Habitat for Humanity:


Metricon has committed to providing significant financial support to Habitat for Humanity for the next three years to help expand their building program.

People power

Volunteering is a crucial way Metricon will support Habitat, who rely on the community to build new homes as well as renovate and restore crisis accommodation. Metricon volunteers with building expertise will help Habitat by reducing the amount they spend on trades, while our other employees are valuable for painting, landscaping and other building projects.

Professional advice

With over 40 years in the volume building industry, we have a wealth of knowledge to share with Habitat for Humanity. Our experts are providing help to Habitat in the areas of construction, procurement and OHS best practice.


Our Queensland General Manager, Peter Ryan, hands-on with the paint roller!

Our volunteers
In the first two months of this partnership, Metricon volunteers have already assisted with painting, construction, plumbing and digging garden beds, resulting in high-quality builds and fun worksites where groups of people from across the business collaborate. By the end of the year, Metricon will have sent 120 team members to sites across Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. We’re really getting our hands dirty!

Our people have loved being on-site – especially those who often sit at a desk all day! Professional home designers can dust off their boots and get into the field to share their expert knowledge. Winney Zhao, one of our Design Draftspersons from the Melbourne team, said, ‘I sit at the office drawing. It was valuable to learn about the reality of construction first hand when I was volunteering.’.

A couple of Metricon team members in South Australia consulting the plans.

Over the next three years, Metricon hopes to be an invaluable partner for Habitat for Humanity. With financial support, hands-on volunteering hours and expert home building advice, our collaborative efforts will support even more Australians into safe and decent homes.

Find out more about Habitat for Humanity, including volunteering opportunities you may be interested in here. It’s not just Metricon who can get involved!