Looking for a stylish centrepiece to get jaws dropping in your new Metricon home? If you’re building up, you’re in luck. A timber staircase is a swoonworthy standout among two-storey home trends this year - and it packs a timeless punch. But with so many styles to choose from, picking the right one to suit your home can be difficult. Do you go for a sleek, straight design, a curved showpiece or a more industrial, open-step aesthetic? From classic or contemporary to elegant or ultra-modern, timber staircases are a versatile feature that can, er, take your home to the next level. S&A Stairs expert Joel Acquroff tells us why timber staircases are a step above.
Top: La Pyrenee Show Home. Above: Open timber stairs add a modern aesthetic at the Terraces by Metricon, Edgewater Dispaly Home.

Natural charm

Timber stairs make a home feel warmer and more vibrant. They’re textural, and tell organic stories connecting your home to the environment. “In a digital age that constantly pushes us away from the natural world, it's increasingly important to surround ourselves with good, local, textural materials at home,” Joel says.

Above: Lighter-toned timbers create a contemporary aesthetic in the Riviera  (left) and Modena (right) residences.   

Top pick

There’s a hue to blend into every happy home. Joel says hardwood is best for making a statement, and his frontrunners are Australian timbers like Tasmanian Oak and Victorian Ash. “We don't see these materials used in homes much anymore, so you can really see and feel the difference in the finished product,” he says. You could leave the timber to tell its original story, or stain it to match other surfaces in your home, including timber floors and kitchen cabinetry.

 Above: This L-shaped staircase design is a feature of the Modena Show Home.

Striking edge

Steel can be the perfect finishing touch to really set off a timber staircase. Joel suggests adding steel stringers for a dramatically stark contrast to a hardwood staircase. “We love the combination of steel with local hardwoods - the brutal, hard lines mix really well with warm, textural timber,” he says. “The combination becomes the centrepiece of a home, and it’s the first thing you look at when you arrive. It's a combination that proves valuable at resale time, too.”

A curved staircase adds a touch of elegance, creating impact from every angle. Left: Bordeaux Show Home; right: Doulton Show Home.

Embrace curves

Opt for a curved staircase to really turn heads. Joel says this traditional design is slowly making a comeback as a standout feature in homes across the country. It’s quite an art form, with skilled craftsman at the helm pouring a lot of love into the finished product. “It's a wonderfully careful and detailed process,” explains Joel. “Crafting the scrolls for the handrail out of laminated blocks of timber can take days.”

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