Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to planning and building your smart home. But while intelligent toilet tech is not necessarily a lust-have on your interior checklist, improving your bathroom's IQ can have a big impact on the overall effeciency of your home. A smart toilet is not only a greener option when compared with traditional loos, it could also help you save water - reducing your general household running costs, as well as your environmental footprint. Their in-built hygeine features also leave your derriere delightfully polished, which means your squares per flush ratio is likely going to see an improvement. No more panicking when you're on the throne and realise you've gotten to the end of your toilet paper roll.
The humble toilet is leading the lavatory intelligence revolution, evolving from a mundane essential to a smart and savvy centrepiece. With remote control capabilities, soft-close seat, massaging wash, LED night light and even a retractable self-cleaning nozzle, smart toilets - such as the Spanish-designed Roca In-Wash Inspira, available exclusively through Reece - are flush with fabulous and efficient functionality. Reece bathroom marketing leader Daniela Santilli says often there’s a catalyst event, such as a trip overseas to Bali or Japan, that introduces Australians to a smart toilet. But if you haven’t tried one yet, she says there’s no need to be intimidated.
“Sometimes it’s the not knowing what to expect that can make people feel uncomfortable,” she explains. “But those who have tried a smart toilet for the first time often say they experienced an ‘aha moment’ and wondered why they hadn’t experienced it sooner.”
To keep you up to date with the latest smart toilet technology, Daniela talks us through the benefits of choosing a clever water closet, as well as how a smart toilet might help you save water and reduce your environmental impact.

Six ways a smart toilet could change your life

1. Contact-free cleaning 

Forget harsh chemicals and scrubbing brushes - the Inspira makes keeping your toilet clean easy, boasting a range of self-cleaning features that are both effective and efficient. With removable and retractable, auto-cleaning nozzles, this smart toilet is taking potty hygiene to the next level, setting a new standard of sparkling bathroom bliss.

2. Improved hygeine 

The smart toilet system begins with a built-in bidet that will leave no dirt behind on your, er, behind. Being completely contactless, it ensures the highest standard of hygiene is achieved at every visit. “The everyday experience is hygienic and refreshing,” Daniela explains. “The washing and drying functions definitely improve the quality of one’s cleaning in the bathroom over a standard toilet suite.”


3. Personalised, remote-controlled settings

As well as looking sleek, smart toilet designs are even more attractive because you can personalise your preferences from the remote control. Take the Roca In-Wash Inspira smart toilet, for example, where you can wash both front and back with water - heated or cooled to your desired temperature - and opt for a massage from the oscillating water jet. Press for a drying function to finish off with a gentle flow of warm air. 

4. Night light

Designers have thought ahead for when those middle-of-the-night loo runs hit. A clever LED night light on the toilet guides your way, allowing you to stay in your sleepy state.

5. Environmentally friendly

Updating your bathroom with a smart toilet will not only update its comfort and style stakes, it may also save you from flushing away money. Older toilets are less environmentally friendly, using more water with each use. Smart toilets also have the advantage of using less toilet paper, saving more of Mother Nature’s precious resources.

6. Modern design

Traditionally, toilets haven't been known for their design aesthetic. But when it comes to pretty potties, this one is a beauty. Bulky toilet bowls are a thing of the past, with the Roca's minimalist design ensuring you will be sitting pretty. But this is not at the expense of functionality, with its sturdy, soft-close seat promising plenty of cheeky comfort. It's sleek, seamless aesthetic lends itself to both classic and contemporary interior styles, with the smart toilet seamlessly integrating into any bathroom.

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