Try before you buy, they say. That’s doubly important when it comes to making a major life decision like choosing your dream home.

Visiting a display home gives you the chance to figure out what matters most to you. From the flow of the floorplan to the real feel of the finishes, you’ll be able to soak up the space, getting a sense of what it would be like to actually live there.

While it's an exciting time for any buyer, there’s a lot to take in too. And that can be overwhelming. So step back, take a breath and have a think.

Here’s our guide to what to consider when you next visit a display home.

Your lifestyle

  • What matters most to you?
  • Does the display home’s design suit the way you live your life?
  • How long are you expecting to live in the home?  Will your lifestyle change during that time?
  • Do you have any ideas about how the house needs to be zoned to meet your needs?
  • Do you have a preference for single or double-storey?


Street appeal

  • Looks can be important. How does the home look from the street?
  • Are you impressed by the facade?
  • Does it stand out from the crowd in the estate?  
  • Do the colours, materials and surfaces used complement each other?
  • First impressions matter. Does the home have an inviting entry?
  • Are the materials used classic and timeless, or modern and dramatic?


First moments

  • Do you feel a ‘wow’ factor when you first enter the home?
  • Is the entry wide and inviting?
  • Are there high ceilings and good light, creating a sense of space?
  • Are you greeted with an impressive view through the house?
  • Does the facade seamlessly connect with the entry?

The great outdoors

  • How important is a garden to you?  
  • Do you spend much time outside?
  • How big a backyard do you need?
  • Are you green-fingered?
  • Do you want an outdoor room for all-year-round entertaining?
  • What sort of outdoor entertaining area suits your family lifestyle?


Flow of the floorplan

  • Do the rooms have connectivity, giving you a sense of space?
  • Do they open into each other, drawing you from room to room?
  • Is there space to spread out and grow as a family?
  • Can you open up or divide rooms as needed?
  • Does the floorplan allow parents and kids to find their own space?
  • Do you require a large outdoor area?
  • Are there enough bedrooms for a growing family or frequent visitors?
  • Are the living and bedroom areas zoned smartly?
  • Kitchens are usually the hub of a home. Does this space work for you?
  • Will you need a walk-in pantry or direct access to the garage?
  • Does the kitchen flow naturally into the main living space and outdoor areas?
  • Are you looking for ensuites for all bedrooms, or a powder room downstairs?

Finishes and fixtures

  • Is the home built using quality materials? Display home construction is a good indicator of the quality you can expect for your home, so make sure it meets your standards.
  • Are you able to customise and personalise the home to fit your needs?
  • Do you like the style of the fixtures and finishes used throughout?
  • Ask the Sales Consultant for more information about the standard features and finishes, and any available upgrades.


Keeping this checklist in mind as you inspect a display home will ensure you feel happy and confident this is the right choice for you and your family.

You can download our handy check list here. Visit one of Metricon’s Display Centres today or call us on 1300 786 773 for more information.