Transform your home into a worldly wonderland with our new boho luxe-inspired Lookbook theme. Wanderlust is an intriguing blend of art, culture, music and whimsy, imbuing a sense of global adventure that can be personalised and embellished by your own nomadic escapades. Inspired by travels to far-flung corners of the earth, this eclectic aesthetic embraces the unconventional, encouraging you to set your wayfaring spirit free by creating an interior mood that is always on holiday. Bohemianism is about being unconventional and off the wall. You don't follow anyone's rules, so the important thing is to find your own style even within this popular trend. Look for unique pieces, sourcing your inspiration from overseas destinations, diverse cultures and bygone eras. The best thing about this style is that filling your home with boho finds doesn't have to result in a messy and disorganised look. To get the balance between boho and refinement right, you have to keep it toned down. Going overboard with eclectic, rustic items will result in an aesthetic that is simply boho, while more glamorous interiors need muted shades offset with modern details to tie the theme together for an understated, boho luxe look.
Here’s how to re-create Wanderlust style in your home:


Boho-luxe is all about combining the natural and eclectic with the luxurious and modern. Layered textures of fur, feather and leather offset with pops of gold makes for an earthy yet soulful style. This juxtaposition of modern and rustic elements, underpinned by a neutral, monochromatic palette, helps to create contrast and refinement. This travelling gypsy aesthetic can be brought to life using mismathed, colourful and unique pieces from your travels, clashing vintage with new, and layering textures. 


  • An earthy backdrop, such as granite-toned grass paper or faux cork wallpaper, injects a touch a natural elegance.
  • Typical bohemian style would favour a timber or rustic bedhead but, to keep this look more sophisticated, a statement piece in upholstered taupe leather adds a sense of urbane elegance, while still emphasising the theme’s organic origins.
  • An assembly of hand-loomed textiles, embroidered bedlinens and fringed pillows feels decidedly unfussy and fresh. 
  • Throw pillows with varying textures and details add character and life. Mix animal hides and fur with natural leathers to emulate the earthy, desert-inspired romance of a Bedouin oasis.
  • Bring in a lush layer with a striking Moroccan-inspired rug. Opt for a monochromatic pattern in black and white, rather than a bold colour, to contrast the neutral taupe tones.
  • Add a touch of elegance with simple lighting. These understated, white marble and gold lamps add just a hint of luxury to the casual space.
  • Wanderlust is all about displaying your treasures, but make sure you curate your collection to avoid clutter. Choose one of your favourite travel ornaments and cluster it with simple, modern aesthetics - such as books, picture frames or jewellery boxes. 
  • Textured, loop-pile carpets, such as this Atacama Viking texture from Victoria Carpet, help to achieve the ideal level of warmth and cosiness.


The Wanderlust kitchen is all about warmth and texture. Use an earthy colour palette, such as a combination of rich, walnut timbers paired with soft greys, for a beautifully relaxed, homely vibe, then add to it by introducing organic materials and metallic glamour. Moroccan metal trays and gold accents mixed with dark marbles and timber are the ideal eclectic mix for this kitchen, creating an earthy and inviting base on which to build this style. Wanderlust is about accepting that anything goes; however, one thing that is consistent is the sense of femininity that pervades, particularly through the artwork. A mix of free-spirted images depicting world travel and Moroccan geometrics will be the perfect additions to your artistic style.  


  • Contemporary lights in black metal with a touch of brass, rather than bohemian-style rattan, keep this scheme balanced and not feeling too boho-chic. 
  • Laminex timbers, such as this Jericho finish, create the perfect amount of warmth. Opt for a grain that is subtle in texture and leans towards a grey undertone rather than red.
  • Concrete-inspired stone benchtops help to achieve an organic and natural feel. Look for Silestone slabs such as Moonstone or Silver Nube.
  • Create depth and contrast with a dark splashback in a natural stone (such as this Persian Blue tile) to complement the earthy palette. Using a narrow tile, instead of a seamless slab, adds subtle detail and interest.


Wanderlust style may lean towards the unconventional but that doesn’t mean being glamorous is out of the picture. Strike the ideal balance by pairing contemporary, sleek furniture and handmade accessories to create a sense of individuality. Statement pieces in dark tones, such as black ash or dark teak over light, blonde timbers will highlight the sophisticated side of this look. Mix them with marbles and aged metals for an urbane aesthetic.



  • An upholstered chair over a more traditional rattan will keep this look feeling more high end than hippie. Soft, grey linen with leather piping detail gives these chairs a little added personality without overdoing the theme.
  • Clash and layer textures on your dining table. Introduce gold via place mats or napkins and mix with black rattan to set a boho-luxe scene.
  • Organic forms and matte ceramics will help to make your space interesting and detailed. With all the black and gold on this table, a textured black and white vase is the perfect addition and feature piece.
  • Adding a rug will immediately take your dining space from a casual setting to a more sophisticated area. Look for deep, charcoal tones in a geometric or Aztec pattern.


This eclectic and earthy aesthetic mixes modern, luxe details to create the perfect balance between rustic, bohemian style and refined luxury. Wanderlust is all about breathing life into an eclectic collection of furniture and decor. Mix contemporary, accent pieces in white marble and mixed metal finishes with rustic side tables and neutral sofas to create the perfect balance between boho and luxe. Opt for darker-toned timbers over light oaks for a more sophisticated feel. This theme also makes it easy to showcase your personality and put your global wanderings on display, so accessories should be travel collectables and relics, such as carved wooden animals or cuttlefish style jewellery pieces. Accent with gold and marble to keep the look fresh and modern.



  • Woven cushions in blacks, whites and natural tones are mixed with raw, vintage leathers and deep, coal velvets, bringing to life a look that is both causal yet glam.
  • A textured, boucle-style rug made from natural, woven wool will help tie the room together. It also keeps the style contemporary while still nodding to its relaxed, bohemian origins.
  • Tassels, fringing and 70s-inspired macramé are key.  Opt for textiles influenced by Moroccan, tribal motifs in black and white or rich, earthy tones.
  • Clustering items of varying heights and sizes allows you to showcase interesting and sentimental accessories picked up in your travels.
  • Add lush, indoor plants to every corner of the room and hints of gold glimmer to up the luxe factor.
  • For a contemporary take on bohemian-inspired art, opt for black and white photographic prints, or muted illustrative artworks.


Drawing from worldly influences such as Moroccan, native American and gypsy styling makes this look uniquely personal and creates a casual yet luxury living room vibe. And textiles are one of the easiest ways to add a little Wanderlust lustre with fringing, tassels, leather, hand-beading and macramé a feature of the style. Don’t be afraid to layer the different textiles on top of each other, too - just be sure to work with a consistent, neutral colour palette to avoid the materials clashing. Artisan decor and accessories, layered in different heights and styles, will add interest and detail, while flecks of gold will keep the space looking luxe. While you can definitely hunt for stunning pieces in all the major stores, it’s the ones attached to memories that really add that extra punch.


  • Soft and subtle grass paper in river rock grey tones adorns the walls, producing a warm and textural backdrop.
  • Sleek, contemporary sofas are blended with more organic, coastal-inspired occasional chairs to blur the lines between modern and unconventional living.
  • Dark, rattan feature chairs highlight the free-spirited vibe.
  • No Wanderlust theme is complete without some feathered wall art. This billowing Juju-style statement piece, inspired by the traditional African headdress, adds a sense of organic whimsy.
  • Opt for neutral, earthy tones to keep with the monochromatic scheme.    


With a clean and modern finish, this bathroom is offers a neutral base for you to inject your worldly style through accessories and styling. Create depth and contrast by selecting a dark splashback in a natural stone to complement the raw, earthy palette and add a touch of refinement.


  • Native wildflowers and Australian foliage are the ideal selection of greenery to create a lush, Wanderlust bathroom. 
  • Bone-inlay stools add a touch of boho style. Adorn them with aromatherapy candles and reed diffusers in natural scents such as sandalwood or Frankincense for a relaxing spa vibe.
  • Laminex timbers, such as Jericho, are inviting and warm. Opt for a timber grain that’s subtle in texture and leans towards and grey undertone rather than a red timber.

You can see the Wanderlust theme on display at the Glendale 42 at Rockbank. For more interior design or style inspiration, visit one of our award-winning display homes, or check out our style gallery, where you can save and organise all your favourite Metricon home designs