Choosing a home design to suit your lifestyle or family needs can be a big task. Whether you are looking to purchase a pre-existing home or begin from scratch, there are many aspects to consider. From the size of the house to the floor plan layout, even the number of bedrooms or living spaces can be a difficult decision. Another aspect which is also just as important to consider is the look of the home - that is from the exterior. Street appeal is becoming a top focus for new home buyers and it’s great to know that Metricon has both the style options and flexibility to deliver the look you are wanting to achieve. 

Style and Materials

When it comes to choosing a façade and achieving the look you desire, it is useful to have a couple of items top of mind. Here are our top tips to consider when you are ready to make that all important decision.

Street appeal

As important as it is to ensure that you love the look of your façade, you also want to choose a design that will complement the area you live in. When choosing a façade, do a little research whether that be online or analysing other houses in your street and neighbourhood. Whilst it’s great to choose a design that is in style, you want to be smart about your decision, especially when it comes time to sell your home. ‘Over the last couple of years especially, we are seeing customers take more pride than ever before in how their home presents from the street’ says Metricon Design Manager Ricky D’Alesio.


Having a say on the colours of your façade is an enjoyable task, especially as this gives you the opportunity to add your unique sense of style. To begin with, choose a base colour, something you know will last the test of time – in terms of maintenance but also style. Anything outlandish which is likely to date simply isn’t sustainable. A great and simple way to add your own flair is to introduce pops of colour, such as painting a door or perhaps your window frames.


If maintenance is not your thing – your choice of materials is crucial. Whist you may want to achieve a specific look, it is still important to consider the longevity of your build materials and the time you have to up keep the look – after all, street appeal is the key, you want your house to be looking fabulous all the time. For example, cladding is a great alternative for those looking to build with timber, especially for the very reason that it requires little to no maintenance – at least not for a very long time. ‘Façade materials have evolved greatly over the past 10 years. Previously, complete brick homes were common. Today, with the emergence of new age cladding materials, facades of homes are being enhanced by use of different materials’ says Ricky.


When building with Metricon, not only do you have a wide selection of home designs to choose from, but a fantastic range of facade options for each particular design. From Hamptons inspired façade designs with timeless style to contemporary designs using sharp lines and bold shapes, Metricon has a façade design to suit every style. And once you have made your façade selection, you can then speak to a friendly Metricon consultant in Studio M to see how you can change up the colours and materials in your façade to make it uniquely yours.

To find the perfect home and façade to suit your lifestyle, explore Metricon’s home designs today. For inspiration on how to achieve a particular look - whether that be for the interior or the exterior of your home, Metricon’s Lookbook is a great place to start. For even more inspiration, visit your local Studio M Selection centre, details here.