They say you should never judge a book by its cover but, when it comes to houses, first impressions mean everything. That’s why choosing the right door for your home is so important. Whether you want something sleek and streamlined to compliment a modern aesthetic, or something with a more contemporary, coastal vibe – there is a front door to suit every home.
"A grand front entrance can compose an elaborate story that intrigues guests and passers-by, while also providing a glimpse into the homeowner’s interior style and adding to the value of the property,” Corinthian Doors Director or Marketing Athina Solomou says. “It’s important to choose a front door that complements the architecture, but that also sets the property apart from neighbouring houses.”

Left: Terraces by Metricon, Edgewater home design. Right: Corinthian Doors Infinity pivot entrance door


The first thing to think about when selecting a front door is the size. While most single front doors are a standard 820mm wide and 2040mm tall, larger front doors are steadily growing in popularity with many new build homes and renovations opting for pivot door designs to really make a statement.
“It’s easy to take your home’s entrance from bland to grand with one simple upgrade of installing a pivot door,” Athina says. “A pivot door tends to be wider and taller, with the weight of the door carried at the top and bottom rather than on traditional hinged jambs.”
If you want to install a larger – and, therefore, heavier front door -  a pivot design is best suited to handle the extra weight and provides a smooth and secure opening. Plus, it gives your home that coveted curb-side appeal.


Next decision to make is the frame, which will often depend on the size of the entryway or the home’s architecture. There are various door frames to choose from, such as single, single with sidelight, double or double with double sidelights. “Front doors with sidelights are not only on trend and eye-catching but also offer the advantage of additional natural lighting,” Athina says. “Glass panels will allow for sunlight to come through, providing a lighter and fresher atmosphere on the internal side.”

Left: Corinthian Doors Madison single door with sidelight. Right: Corinthian Doors Sunburst entrance door


Once you’ve got your size and frame figured out, next step is selecting the material. “It’s important to choose a door material that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but practical, too,” Athina says. “For those in bushfire prone areas, a BAL-rated (Bushfire Attack Level) door is an important consideration. Depending on where you live, opt for BAL12.5 or BAL40 rated door for peace of mind.”
If you plan on painting your front door, look for entrance doors with a primed door skin, which creates a smooth surface suitable for painting. Or, if you’re going for a more natural finish, solid timber and timber veneers are best stained.


Athina says a colourful or interesting entry door design will provide an inviting preview of the beautiful rooms that lay inside the house. It’s also a great chance for homeowners to release their inner stylist and experiment with design and colour.
“If you have an art-deco style home, make a statement by using a door with an interesting design,” she says. “For heritage or coastal style homes, a classic design in neutral shades like white, grey and beige is best, while modern homes work really well with simple designs, such as a timber frame with a large glass insert. Make your house pop with a splash of colour – such as a painted yellow or red front door, or use a clear stain to accentuate the natural tones of the timber. This will offer a property a point of difference and standout feature.”



  • Install entrance doors in weather protected openings to reduce the effects of weather exposure and to avoid voiding your warranty.
  • Avoid getting your doors wet, even after finishing/sealing.
  • Never use a hose on your front door. To clean, wipe down with a damp cloth and avoid using harsh chemicals or detergents.
  • Regular inspection of your door is important. Pay special attention to possible paint breakdown around glass openings and joints. Once the paint system has begun to breakdown,  it is time to think about re-finishing your door.

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