Styling your home can be pricey, especially when it comes to covering the walls. Paintings, prints – even shelving can come at a cost that is not always justified. If you are a first homebuyer, you may be especially strapped for cash when it comes to styling – after all, you have just obtained a mortgage for the very first time. At this stage, the bare necessities such as large furniture items and appliances are the only considerations, while soft furnishings and accessories are simply out of budget – a luxury.

If you have found yourself in this very dilemma, we have the perfect solution. We recently teamed up with Chris Carroll of TLC Interiors and Chelsea Thomas of I Heart Bargains who together, have come up with some clever DIY styling hacks for blank walls that will not break the bank.

DIY plant wall

Together, Chris and Chelsea explain just how easy this hack is. Simply start with two ladders, placing them side by side and up against a wall. Chris and Chelsea have opted for two of Kmart’s Industrial ladder bookshelves – which not only look great, but are affordable at under $100 for both units.

From there on, it is time to add the greenery. Opt for potted plants in all different shapes and sizes and scatter them across the different levelled shelves. Chris recommends one simple rule to stick by – ensure that your colour palette is consident. Grey’s, whites and green’s work well together.

Canvas Art Hack       

Hack number two is all about getting crafty. Chris explains four simple steps for bringing together a simple DIY canvas wall piece using only three pieces of equipment – a staple gun, a canvas and a piece of fabric.
  1. Place your favourite piece of fabric face down on a flat surface and place the canvas, also facing down on top.
  2. Ensuring that there is 5cm give of fabric around each side of canvas, fold the fabric up around to the back of the canvas and staple down using the staple gun.
  3. And that’s it! Your DIY canvas artwork is ready to hand on the wall.

Hat Hook Wall

The third and final styling hack ‘the Hat Hook Wall’ is presented by Chelsea. This hack, a personal favourite of Chelsea’s is simple, yet effective – with only a bunch of removable hooks and a stack wide brims hats required.

Keeping to the same colour palette, gather your hats and play around with different patterns on the blank wall. Once you’ve decided your placement, grab your removable 3M hooks and stick them on the wall. Chelsea suggests being random in the placement of hooks to create the best look. Finally, simply hang your hats across each of the hooks and this look is complete.

Watch ahead as Chris and Chelsea share these clever DIY styling hacks:
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