I so often see- ‘Have the magazine perfect home on a shoe string budget”. I think we all know, that magazine perfect coffee table cost $6000 and let’s be honest, it’s rarely in the budget. So, it’s good to know that you can still create a pretty gorgeous space that may not include the imported marble coffee table, and bench tops is still doable.

Not everything in your home needs to be expensive. You can freshen up or create an entire new look, by doing a little DIY, and not rushing into any purchases.
We can all buy for a price, but doing that doesn’t always mean you’re buying for the look.
Here are a few tips and ideas that you can DIY or change in your home, that can suit your style, or freshen up your home and best yet, they wont break the bank.
Lamp Shades
Statement lamp shades can definitely be your WOW-factor element in a room. You can pick them up nice and cheap and it may just be the thing that brings your room to life. A pop of color, a pattern that ties in with your décor or if you're feeling crafty maybe you can paint on a design yourself.

Photo Wall
Done right, photo walls are incredible. It’s all up to your own preference, whether you like using frames of all the same shape and size, and lining the up perfectly, or if you like a mix of sizes and just filling a space with them. You can find hidden gems in antique and op. shops.
Paint pots
Head to Bunnings and grab yourself a couple of terracotta pots, or something that takes your fancy. Then head into the paint department and choose yourself a couple of colours. Some masking tape a paint brush and you’re on your way. The options are endless with this one, you can paint the entire pot one colour, half, half, add masking tape to create a pattern, what ever you decide this is a very cost effective way of DIY’ing your own designer pot!
Cushions can be relatively inexpensive, a change of colour or pattern can really change the style in a living room. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, make your own! If you’re handy with a sewing machine, or know someone who is, then head to your local fabric store and pick up some fabric that will work within your space. It is so cheap to make your own, and you can re-use the inserts from the cushion you already have. Add tassels and trims for more texture. 
Taps and handles
If the budget doesn’t allow for a full bathroom or kitchen reno, then look into changing only the small things. Tapware and handles can change the entire look of a room. Tea towels and bath towels can do the same, a faux indoor plant can brighten up a room and are also readily available at bargain prices.
Paint a wall
This age old trick is still one of the bests. Changing the colour or a room really can change the outlook of the entire space. If you’re doing it yourself, it can be fun and affordable. But even if you’re not, you can always get a painter or handyman to come and help.  A fresh white, an elephant foot grey with white trimming, or even a statement colour. Just remember that trends are exactly that, colours come and go, so choose a paint that you are happy to live with through all seasons.

Book stacks
Magazines and books make the best décor items. You already own them, and are great for stacking and having on display. You can have a number of books lined up or stacked on top of each other on a shelf. Or try grabbing a stack of magazines. Tie a string around them so the don’t fall over, and then adding a small potted plant/vase and sitting them in the corner or next to your bedside table. It will give the plant height and also ads a bit of texture to the room.
  • Embrace classics and neutrals- that way, each time you feel like your home needs a revamp, you can change in and out décor, which is far more affordable than redesigning the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Customize-  Stores like spotlight can be great for crafting. Add your own personal touch to your items. Grab some leather strips and add handles to a basket, or wrap it around a vase to add a modern touch.
  • Subscribe to Facebook buy/sell pages- before you go and spend the big bucks have a look on some of the hundreds of Buy/Swap/Sell pages social media and online marketplaces. You can often find exactly what you want at a fraction of the retail price, if not for free!
  • Google Ikea Hacks. Ikea furniture may send you crazy in the construction phase but let me tell you, people will be swooning over it once you finish making it your own.
Just because you’re buying on a budget, don’t settle for just anything. Shop around or wait until you find what you’re after, price shouldn’t make you sacrifice your style. You just need to find a way to make it happen. Saving for a few investment pieces is always something to think about, rushing into large furniture purchases that you don’t love can often lead to purchase regret. It might be worth waiting that bit longer until you can afford it or find an alternative option.
If you’re looking for further home inspiration, you can visit Metricon display homes or their inspiration page on the website 

Happy styling.

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