Surely an open gas fireplace is towards the top of your wish list if you are embarking on building a new home. Imagine relaxing in your favourite room with the alluring aesthetics of a gas fireplace. Selecting the right unit that not only suits your space, but also meets your lifestyle needs is important if you want to enjoy your fireplace for years to come.
Building a home is one of the most significant projects you will undertake and collating ideas for fireplaces in the initial phases of the process is a must. Various fireplace ideas will have different requirements at drafting stage, so let’s go through some ideas for your fireplace so that your needs are determined and options are a little easier to decipher.

Idea #1: Where to Position Your Fireplace

With new spaces to look forward to enjoy in any new home, the big question is where to position your fireplace. Are you looking for a dedicated place to escape with a book and cup of tea? In which case, you could inset a fireplace in your formal living room. If you would prefer your fireplace to be on display at all times, choose a room that is used frequently and easily visible to guests. For an added bonus, a double-sided fireplace gives the flexibility to use the unit from two rooms – perfect for parents and children who like to own their own space.

Idea #2: Matching Your Fireplace to Your Theme

Your idea of a suitable fireplace is unique. The overall theme of your house will determine the style of fireplace that is complimentary to your space. Whether your home is traditional, modern or contemporary classic like the Bordeaux in Rochedale, Queensland, understanding your house style will make selecting a fireplace effortless. The material of the surround can also be selected to suit your theme. For a more modern look, check out stainless steel surrounds. If you have used stainless steel in your home, such as staircase balustrades, it is a good idea to subtly carry through the same material in other areas. 

Pictured above: Fireplace ideas at Metricon’s Bordeaux display in Rochedale, QLD. 
Idea #3: Choosing a Shape to Suit Your Room

Like televisions, fireplaces have transformed over the years, and now we see changes in the shape of units, from traditional square to long rectangular “widescreen” models, available in most makes. Your fireplace should be proportionate to your room and would make a bold statement if it goes nicely with your décor and furnishings. Also, the shape and colour of the surround can really change the appearance of a fireplace, so keep this in mind when trying to decide on the backdrop.

Idea #4: Determining Your Heating Space 

Give practicality a look in as well. Each unit will have a specific area, in which heat is emitted. The popular Jetmaster XLR Plus heats 60 to 70 square metres, so you can determine if your fireplace will be the dominant heater, or alternatively, positioned mainly for aesthetic purposes, providing minimum heat. Tip: factor in any door openings and open alcoves…open space allows heat to escape, so if your room is not enclosed, you may want to look at a unit that will heat a larger area.

Idea #5: Customising the Look and Feel of Your Fireplace

Modifying your fireplace with various mediums will add to the look and feel that you want to achieve. Logs will give a more traditional look, as displayed at Metricon's Bayville in Brighton East Victoria, versus stones and crushed glass for a more modern highlight. If you are looking to make your fireplace the focal point of your room, then consider a large unit, with an even larger surround, to really impress!
bayvillefireplace.jpg Pictured above: A traditional style fireplace as displayed at Metricon’s Bayville in Brighton East, VIC. 
Idea #6: Convenience with the Press of a Button

For the ultimate in convenience, you can opt for a remote. Who wants to move from their favourite lounge chair anyway?

Idea #7: Bringing Comfort to Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor areas pose as effective external spaces to position a fireplace for both aesthetics and practicality, particularly as the cooler weather approaches. Integrating indoor and outdoor living spaces is seamless with an external fireplace, as featured at the Denver in Jimboomba, Queensland.

Pictured above: An outdoor room fireplace as displayed at the Denver in Jimboomba, QLD. 
There are a myriad of options to consider and Metricon will guide you with inspirational fireplace ideas to bring your home to life. A gas fireplace is an investment, so we know that it is important to select the right unit to suit your lifestyle. To view the very latest in fireplace designs, visit your closest Metricon Studio M selection centre, where you will gain access to our professional Home Décor Consultants.

Looking for further inspiration from the comfort of your very own home? Explore Metricon's Lookbook or Gallery