Mirrors are by far the most in vogue décor item right now and are 100% your friend when decorating a home. Generally, they make any space look bigger due to their ability to reflect light throughout a room. They can help catch your favourite décor items from angles you wouldn’t otherwise see them and overall just add a feature piece to your room.
Currently, round mirrors are all the rage. Both colour and size aren’t discriminated against, but if we were to choose a few, blush, brass and black are all staples.

Choosing the perfect mirror for your space may seem tricky, but knowing its purpose will help you with your choice.
Here’s a few things to consider before selecting;


  • Create Space – Usually a large floor to ceiling mirror will be your solution. This type of oversized mirror can be put up against a wall behind a dining table for example.
  • Improve light – Placing your mirror opposite a window will enhance the natural light throughout and can bring some nature indoors with the reflection of greenery.
  • Add texture – Find a framed mirror, something with layering or detail in the finish.
  • Decorate or Feature – Big and bold can certainly help with this, a colour, or something that really catches your eye. Arched mirrors or a sunbeam shape can be gorgeous and have impact.  

Styles & Themes

When choosing your mirror, keep in mind your home’s style. Different shapes, colours and finishes can keep your theme in check. For example:

Fit your feel; 

South Hamptons: Round, round, round. Black, white, brass. You can’t go wrong.
Coastal: Wooden or white wash finishes in round and horizontal rectangular shapes.
Luxe Hotel/ Black Label: Jeweled and arched frames that are classy and dramatic. Usually found in brassy and metallic tones.
Scandinavian: Square and rectangular shapes with thin edges keep it clean and simple.

Shapes and impact; 

Round: Less like a window and have a softer first impression. They may have an organic feel but used in the right setting can bring a lot of WOW-factor.
Vertical Rectangle: Mirrors resemble artwork. Don’t be afraid to hang one with pride. Make it a centre piece and show it off.
Horizontal Rectangles: These can be used as space fillers. Great for above dining tables, fire places and hallway consoles.
Floor mirrors: Perfect for hallways, walk in robes, living spaces and bathrooms. I call the floor to ceiling mirror ‘the Illusionist,’ these guys create the ultimate look of space.
Arched: More of a feature piece – the perfect choice to feature above a fireplace or mantle. An elegant touch to any room and more often than not, found in rich finishes.

Other spaces for consideration:

Hallways are great spaces for mirrors. The average hallway can be quite plain.
Depending on the size of your entrance/hallway, try widening your hall with a mirror. Dress a console table with frames and small decor items and finish with a mirror. My preference is mounted, but you can sit the mirror directly on top of the console also. If there isn’t enough room for a table, pack a punch with an oversized wall mounted mirror. A potted plant to one side can tie it all together nicely.
Kitchens splash backs can be a clever way of incorporating mirror into the room. It doesn’t have to be your standard mirror, look into smoked mirrors, they look fantastic and can really enhance the kitchen by adding space.
Bedrooms. As a rule, especially in the land of Feng Shui, mirrors in the bedroom are a no-no, well big ones anyway! So cool the jets with your floor to ceiling mirrors and any opposite the bed. It’s believed that mirrors in the bedroom portray the Feng Shui element of water, which brings sorrow. Something I’m sure most of us want to avoid.
Feature Walls. An empty wall can be brought to life by adding a feature mirror. Some other options include a selection of mirrors in an array of sizes or a series of the same mirror repeated. For example, the use of three thin vertical mirrors in a hall way.
A far as décor accents go, mirrors are right up there. With so many shapes, finishes and sizes on the market, there’s a mirror out there for every room. You really can’t go wrong.

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