One of the most appealing aspects of building a new home from the ground up is the opportunity to make it your own.  You won’t be living in someone else’s dream or settling for the previous owner’s outdated taste. Your home features, fixtures and fittings will be brand new, and your choices will reflect the latest designs, styles and comforts that today’s modern lifestyle including yours demand.

The selection process for features, fixtures and fittings can be one of the most exciting times in the new build project; it can also be one of the most overwhelming.  With so many decisions to make and so many choices to live with, literally, this creative decision-making process can be overwhelming and perplexing for many new home buyers.

When you build your dream home with Metricon, we want to make customising your home as uncomplicated and convenient as possible.  We want to inspire you to create a home you love living in.
Our state of the art selection centre, Studio M is filled with inspirational images, mood boards, kitchen and bathroom fit-outs and interior design experts, on-hand to inspire and help you create a home that is perfectly suited to you and your family.  There will be no need to travel from one side of the city to the other in search of the perfect mixer or marble.  Studio M has everything you need all under the one roof.

Marissa Bonacci, Metricon’s Interior Design Consulting Manager explains, “We have a team of New Home Stylists to step customers through the entire process. All are qualified interior designers with the necessary expertise to help customers select colours, textures, finishes, fittings and fixtures.”

Our customers spend almost a full day at Studio M where they can view and select everything from stone benchtops to showerheads.   There’s a lot that goes in to creating a dream home and many decisions to make. It’s not an easy day, but Studio M makes the process very manageable. When you need to take some time out, we have the Studio M café to help you refresh and revive.

To avoid decision overload and to get the most from Studio M and our design expertise, Marissa recommends doing some research and preparation prior to your decision day.  She explains “It’s important we get to know our customer who will be living in the home, how they will be living in it, and to understand the customer’s preferences, ideas and vision for the home. Often we begin with selecting key colours and finishes for the outside of the home, the front façade, work our way around the home and then carry this through to the interior.”

To help with your decisions and increase your confidence in choices, here’s Marissa’s Top Tips to make your selection experience productive and successful:
  • Book a preview tour of Studio M. Our styling team and this vibrant, creative space will kick-start your ideas and inspire you with the options available.
  • Start scrapbooking. You can do this virtually with Metricon’s My Home Tool.  Or, if you prefer, create a book of ideas and inspiration with your Metricon brochures and home magazine cut outs.  You can include colour swatches and material samples that appeal to you. This will help your New Home Stylist visualise your style preferences. 
  • Jump onto Lookbook where there are almost twenty interior style themes to explore.  This will show how you can be creative with colour and give you inspiration on applying a consistent style theme throughout your home. Choose from Urban Organic to Southampton, there’s a style to suit every home.
  • Visit several of our display homes to visualize how it can all come together. Get up and personal with the finishes, fixtures and fittings.  Think about visual appeal and practicality to suit your lifestyle. Add thoughts and questions to your scrapbook.
  • Explore our extensive gallery for your façade choices. It’s not all about the interior.  Consider colour, feature finishes and brickwork that will bring you home to life on the outside.

It’s important not to feel rushed when making decisions.  Allow time.  The selection process at Studio M can take between 4-6 hours depending on the size of your home, your budget and how prepared you are.  Studio M is equipped with a playroom for your little ones, if you need to bring them along.  We love children but do recommend making arrangements for them, if you can.  This will help you focus and avoid distraction, allowing you to create the perfect home they will love living in too!

We look forward to welcoming you to Studio M, where we make it easier and convenient to create your dream home.  To book a tour, or if you have any questions about Studio M, please contact our Studio M team.