Building your very own home from the ground up is an exciting journey, allowing you to create the home of your dreams without having to compromise. It's easy to consider the idea of building your first home as daunting but with a little help from Metricon's expertise, you'll soon be wondering why you hadn't built your own brand new home sooner.

With undeniable benefits including large savings on stamp duty, the ability to customise Metricon's award winning home designs and avoiding the hassles of renovating an older home, it seems like building your own new home is a natural choice.


Your Home, Your Way

Building a brand new house is the ideal way to bring your dream home to life, with options allowing your home to be truly personalised to meet your family's very own lifestyle.

Start by selecting the perfect block of land, with options ranging from purpose-planned estates to building on your very own existing block of land. Read our Guidelines for choosing land for first home buyers along with our handy guide - Questions to Ask Your Builder. You also need to explore our beautiful range of home designs to find the home that is perfect for the needs of your family as well as suitable for your block of land. 

Once you've determined exactly where you want to build your brand new home and you've picked the perfect floorplan for your family home, it's time to truly make the home your own. A one-on-one Studio M appointment is your dedicated time to select the fixtures and fittings to make your home a reflection of your family's personality and lifestyle.

Building a brand new house is not as daunting as you may think.

So, What Happens During the Building Process?

Watch your dream home become a reality as your house springs to life. With a site manager personally assigned to your build, they will supervise the progress of your build and ensure that your home meets Metricon's stringent quality assurance guidelines.

As your build progresses, you'll witness five exciting stages throughout your journey:

  1. Base: Pouring your slab
  2. Frame: Erecting the frame
  3. Lock-up: Getting the home to 'lock-up' (with a roof and walls)
  4. Fixing: Completing the interior and exterior details of the home
  5. Completion: Handover of your new home!

Once your brand new home is complete and the handover has taken place, all you have to do is move in and enjoy your new home. Watch one of our building process videos below to view the time lapse footage of one of our new home builds from start to finish.

Timelapse of a brand new house being built.


Where to from Here?

If you are ready to embark on the exciting journey of building your very own brand new home but not quite sure what the next step may be then you have come to the right place. Take a look at our helpful online Starter Kit for First Time Builders and view our other Building Process Videos. You can always find any answers to questions that you may have in our Frequently Asked Questions section. If you are in Melbourne we also regularly hold some great information sessions designed for First Time Builders. Visit our Events page for details of the next event.

For more information on bringing your dream home to life, contact us today.