It is great to know that our interior designers are on trend when it comes to kitchen designs and recently we have started to see the return of tiled splashbacks in the kitchen. After a period where kitchen home design was influenced by sleek glass splashbacks, it has been great to see that once again designers are embracing tiled splashbacks. 

Using tiled splashbacks in the design of your kitchen means much more versatility, allowing you to customise the look and feel of your kitchen to something that is unique. The wide variety of tiles in terms of colours, designs, materials and sizes mean that you can achieve a far more distinctive look than what is possible in a glass splashback.

Mosaic tiles are particularly on trend and make a great focal point in your kitchen. When you use your tiles as a feature in your kitchen you can tone down the other colours of your kitchen and allow your tiles to stand out and become the star of the show. As well as mosaic tiles, geometric patterned tiles are again popular when it comes to creating splashbacks in the kitchen. Circles, hexagons, squares and rectangles all deliver an impact in your kitchen. 

When it comes to materials, those that are raw and natural, such as marble, stone and concrete are popular. They can help create the ever-popular urban look in your kitchen. The use of raw, natural stone mosaic tiles for example create texture and provide the perfect contrast to the simple solid block colour cabinets that may surround them.

For inspiration on how to utilise geometric tiled patterns in your interior design, a good place to start is our very own Graphix LookBook style which is all about the artistic approach to geometric shapes, bold patterns, texture and contemporary design. Our interior designers always love working with the latest trends and the resurgence of tiled splashbacks in the kitchen is certainly very welcome. 

If you are interested in learning how to utilise tiled splashbacks in not only your own kitchen, but also in other rooms of your home, check out our Lookbook video on Feature Tiles below.

We have also hosted some recent events in Studio M with The Block favourites and Beaumont Tiles ambassadors Kyal & Kara talking about the latest trends in tiles. If you are interested in attending any future events or are just after great interior design inspiration, then keep an eye on our website or follow us on social media.