If your News Year’s resolution was to spruce up your interior – it’s still not too late! We know you will fall in love with ‘Minerals,’ the first interior theme to hit Lookbook in 2016. Learn how to recreate this beautiful interior design theme in your own home with the use of natural materials paired with black and white geometrics and a touch of metallic.  

Minerals is the latest of 16 different design themes to be created by our very own team of expert interior designers. Through LookBook, they share their hints and tips on how to recreate some of the stylish interior design trends that are found in our display homes across the country.

To ensure that you are on the right track to recreate this delicate interior style, it is important to begin with a minimal palette of soft blush tones and smoky greys. Include natural materials such as timbers, white marble and copper metallics to ensure the perfect balance in gradual contrast. 

Interior design: Soft Blush tones are used as a feature wall in this children’s bedroom.

The main focus of the Minerals style is its use of beautiful textures and elements that exude luxurious living and sophistication. Introduce this feeling with brass accessories and lighting fixtures, while white marble in the bathroom and kitchen work to keep this minimalistic palette clean and refreshing. Lastly, by introducing black and white geometrics through artwork and oversized cushions you will be well on your way to recreating the Minerals theme.

If you would like to explore the Minerals interior design theme for yourself, our Vantage 38 on display in Keysborough, Victoria and Savannah 40 on display in Craigieburn, Victoria have been styled in this interior theme. If you’re interstate, no need to worry - you can view Minerals on our Lookbook here, where you can explore and understand how different furniture pieces, accessories and colours have been used to bring this theme to life.

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