One of the most exciting events in many people's lives is buying and building a home. If you have been exploring our display homes and currently considering which of our beautiful home designs you would like to build - then you are no doubt keen to know much more about the build process and what actually goes into building a home.

Before you actually move into your new home, you will get to experience the excitement of watching it being constructed before your own eyes. To help obtain a better idea of this why not watch the below video which shows the time lapse of a new Metricon home build in the course of a single minute.

On average the time it takes for a home to be built can vary depending upon a variety of factors. Metricon's Victorian housing general manager Peter Langfelder says that, "nationally over the last 12 months our single storey designs on average took 16 weeks and double storey designs took on average 27 weeks to build. The speed of the build depends on the size and intricacy of the home design."

There are a variety of factors that can influence the time it takes to build a home, including the complexity of the home design, what will be involved in preparing the site for the build, the area where the actual home is being built, finance approvals, the time taken to obtain building and planning permits as well as weather conditions. While this list can seem daunting - especially when you just want to start living in your new home - you can rest assured that when you are building a home with Metricon then we have plenty of experience in how to best manage each of these requirements.

One of the earliest stages in the build process involves pre-construction which involves you getting the design and siting exactly the way you want it, colour selection, contract, approvals and permit processes along with site-works. Peter Langfelder says, "Site works refers to how the land is prepared before building your new home. It includes the service connections, levelling the fall of the land across the building area, rock excavations, retaining walls, tree removal, underpinning any necessary neighbouring properties, and addressing any access issues."


Above: a single storey home takes on average 16 weeks to build, while a double storey home takes on average 27 weeks to build.

To get a more complete idea of what is actually involved in the site works stage of the construction process, then the below video will certainly give you a better idea of site works and what exactly is involved in preparing your site for building.

After site works have been completed then there are still a couple of other stages to complete, including the fit out stage and the lock up stage. The fit out stage involves the completion of the interior and exterior aspects of the home, as well as floor and wall tiling, internal and external painting, and the installation of tap ware, shower screens, electrical lights, switches, heating and cooling vents and garage doors. Peter Langfelder says, "the lock- up stage means that the exterior of the home is completed. The windows, fascia, gutter, roof covering, brickwork, external cladding and external doors are all in place by the end of the lock-up stage."

Buying and building a home is an exciting experience so if learning a little bit more about the Metricon build process has inspired you then make sure you get in touch with us today. We are a highly experienced builder and are ready to get you and your family into your very own dream home.