Handover has arrived. You've been given the keys and you are finally moving into your new house. After exploring display homes, considering home designs, choosing your dream home and then watching with excitement as your beautiful new home becomes a reality, it can sometimes be hard to believe that you and your family will be actually moving into your new house.

So what sort of things do you need to consider ahead of moving day? We've collected a few top moving tips to help you out on moving day. Of course, there are the obvious things such as organising a date with your local removalists - or your friends and family if you are lucky enough to enlist them - as well as contacting the utility companies to ensure the gas and electricity have been turned on.

Another one of the top moving tips is to transfer your internet service over to your new address, even if only to upload photos of your new home to social media. This is also the perfect time to contact Australia Post and get any mail redirected to your new address.


If you are like most people, you have no doubt accumulated plenty of stuff over the years that sit at the back of your cupboards - untouched and unloved. Moving into your new house provides you with an excellent opportunity to get rid of all those things that you don't really need. Sort through all of your clothes and other belongings and take those that are still in good condition to your local Op Shop - places like the Salvos and St Vinnies will love you for it.

You may also be keen to refurnish or buy new furniture for your new home but it often pays to take some time to do this. Many interior stylists often recommend that you live in a new home for a few months before you decide on how you want it to look and feel. Don't make any decisions on major pieces of furniture until you know what will work - and what won't work - in your own home. Start exploring to see what is available and begin to create a look and interior style that reflects your own personal tastes.


If you are looking for some great ideas and inspiration when it comes to interior styling then make sure to visit LookBook. Here you will find sixteen different interior themes that have been created by our own team of talented interior designers.

We have just relaunched one of our more popular styles, Urban Organic, a theme suitable for those who enjoy natural materials and muted colours and one where rich walnut, matt black and warm metallics are combined with soft furnishings. There are plenty of other great interior styles to explore, including Black Label, Provincial Trader and High Street. Watch our LookBook video on the High Street theme below for further inspiration.

As well as the interior styling you will also want to get started on the garden and to consider what sort of landscaping you would like. It is worth revisiting our display homes to get some ideas on landscaping your own home as many of our displays have established trees and plants in order to get a stunning effect from day one. We currently don't provide landscaping services, however, we are more than happy to recommend a local supplier to suit your landscaping requirements.

While there is a lot to consider ahead of moving into your new house, make sure that you take the time to enjoy the experience and to congratulate yourself. Whether you are moving into your very first home or have upgraded from your old home, we hope that you enjoy your beautiful new home and lifestyle for years to come. After all we want you to truly Love Where You Live.