After spending months looking at home designs, weekends exploring our range of beautiful display homes and watching with increasing excitement the build of your brand new home, it's great when you and your family have finally moved in.

After your furniture is in place and you've met your new neighbours, the questions that many new homeowners ask themselves concern how to care for their brand new home. After all you want to keep it as beautiful and fabulous as possible - as not only is it your pride and joy but it is also a valuable investment for you and your family's future.


Home Care Tips

Below are some of the great home care tips that we have gathered over the years to help you out with some common issues that may arise when it comes to caring for your new home.

  • Sticking doors can be fixed by rubbing squeaky door hinges with a soft lead pencil. Alternatively, you can lubricate the hinge with a graphite tube. But do not use oil as it only causes dust and grease to accumulate around the edge.
  • Regular cleaning of your floor coverings will maximise their life span. Stains need to be attended to as soon as practicable. Wooden floors need to be kept free from dirt and grime to prevent abrasion. As excessive moisture on wooden floors can cause serious damage, minimise the amount of moisture used in cleaning.
  • If you want to hang works of art without damaging your interior walls, please use special fasteners (such as angle pins and hooks) which can be purchased at hardware stores and are specific to the weight of the artwork and the construction of the wall.
  • To help protect and maintain laminated surfaces, such as kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanities, do not clean with abrasive cleaners as they will destroy the polished finish of laminate. Also if you are cutting vegetables in the kitchen, always use a chopping board and of course remember to never place hot pots or pans directly onto a laminated benchtop.
  • To protect the longevity of external paintwork, we recommend that you hose down your home at least twice a year. Make sure to check with your water provider or local council if this is possible during times of water restrictions.
  • When it comes to the plumbing of your new home, some tips to keep in mind include don't turn off your taps too forcefully so as not to damage the washer. If there are any adjustments to be made to your toilet flushing or hot water systems, make sure that you employ the services of a qualified plumber. Also, it is important to remove food waste from your sink promptly to ensure that it does not block your sink trap.

Congratulations on moving into your new home. We hope that you have many years of happiness ahead in the home of your dreams. If you have any questions about your new home then please contact us today as our journey with you does not finish once the keys are handed over. We look forward to ensuring that you continue to Love Where You Live now and into the future.

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