The design and placement of the staircase is an important consideration in our double-storey home designs. While many people never really consider the many design options that are available or the types of materials that can be used in the construction of stairs, the staircase plays an important role in the double-storey home both from a functional and design point of view.

Three Types of Staircase Design

When you begin to research the different types of staircase designs available it soon becomes apparent that not only are stairs a functional element of a new home - they are also a key design element. In terms of the major staircase designs that are available and which are offered in Metricon's home designs there are three main types.

  • A straight staircase is a single, straight flight of stairs with a clear view from top to bottom creating a dynamic first impression when located within the entry hallway.
  • An L-shaped stair consists of two flights, one straight run with a landing or winders and a return flight of stairs leading to the first floor, creating an L-shape. This type of staircase design is an effective use of space yet still has a striking presence within the home.
  • A U-shaped staircase also consists of two flights with a landing or winders midway through and a return flight to the first floor, creating a U-shape when viewed on the plan. A U-shaped staircase is also an effective use of space.

The placement of the staircase in many of our display homes and home designs are also influenced by Feng Shui. The position of the staircase in a home can play a large part in whether a home has good or bad Feng Shui. To discover more read "Feng Shui Tips for Chinese New Year".

Trends in Staircase Design

When it comes to the latest trends in staircase design, Metricon's Senior Residential Designer Ricky D'Alesio says that designers are thinking about the location of the stairs in home design and experimenting with how the stairs are visible from different vantage points throughout the home. "Stairs are becoming more than just a transition zone of facilitating access between floors. They have evolved and are becoming more of an art piece in a home."

Ricky adds, "We are seeing people spending more money on these staircases and showcasing them more as a major focal point of the home. There has also been a strong trend in creating a transparency effect with materials on staircases, such as open timber treads or clear glass balustrading, which helps open up the area and gives a greater sense of space to the home design."

Another trend in staircase design is the variation in the types of construction materials that are being used, "Buyers are moving away from traditional MDF constructed staircases with carpet, towards the use of materials such as timber, glass, glass with patch plate fittings and metals" Ricky says.

Classic or Contemporary Stairs?

Another consideration in deciding upon your staircase design is whether to go with a classic or contemporary look. Ricky says, "There is a demand for both styles and we are seeing opulent, grand and ornate staircases making a comeback in a big way. Essentially it all comes down to the style of the home you are building that will determine whether a classic or contemporary staircase is used. At Metricon we are continuing to push the boundaries in both contemporary and classical stair designs."

Some of Metricon's new home designs also strongly feature the stairs, with Ricky saying, "We have a few new exciting home designs under construction which involve the home being essentially designed around the staircase. The stairs take on a more organic look and feel and are the key feature in the home. The use of ornate or decorative balustrades with rich timbers is a key ingredient of creating a wow factor in the home."


Did you know?

Did you also know that the different components that make up the staircase have individual names? You are probably aware of the balustrade and the handrail but the actual steps themselves consist of what is termed the tread and the riser - the tread being the part of the step that you actually put your foot one, while the riser is the vertical portion between each tread on the stair.

So now that you know a little bit more about staircase design then it's time to discover our great range of double-storey home designs and also explore the Entry Gallery on our website which showcases some of the beautiful stairs in our home designs. If you are ready to build then please contact us today to get started on your brand new home and if you are still deciding on whether to build a single or a double storey home then read Single or Double Storey Home which examines the benefits of both styles of home.