If you managed to watch Sky News recently you would have seen Metricon's very own National Marketing Services Manager, Kelly Millar, being interviewed about the success and the continued expansion of the Metricon Virtual Reality Experience.

We launched this great initiative in Wonthaggi, regional Victoria late last year in order to provide those in country areas the opportunity to experience our great home designs.

The idea behind the launch was to enable potential home buyers to experience our most popular home designs by simply putting on a comfortable headset and enjoying crystal clear images of our beautiful display homes. While taking the virtual tour, our experienced sales consultants are on hand to guide homebuyers through the homes.

Kelly explains, "What we did was take a virtual reality experience of one of our displays, put it into a virtual reality headset so that somebody could actually walk through a home as if they were in the display itself. They can walk through the home, they can see all of the detail, and they can get a sense of the size and scale of the rooms, the finishes in the kitchen, and the finishes in the bathroom."

We are continuing to roll out the virtual reality experience into other regional centres as well as showcasing them at a variety of fantastic developer events across the country. We are always on the lookout for ways to enhance the experience too. "The challenge for us is how to move as quickly as possible, how to see the technology develop as quickly as possible, so we work closely with our providers - we're constantly asking them what else can we do, can we push the boundaries?", Kelly says.

Consumer feedback for the Metricon Virtual Experience has been exceptional, and media interest in this new initiative in the market has also been unprecedented. Virtual Reality is clearly the way of the future and something Metricon is continuing to invest in and explore to provide continued benefits to our customers.

Check out our promotional video below.

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