Metricon’s Lookbook events are known for being fun, educational and interactive - and our recent Christmas Styling Masterclass with our friends at Adairs was no different.

The final event in the calendar for 2016, the festive styles session kicked off with music, drinks and nibbles, before attendees entered our Mt Waverley theatre for a few hours of Christmas decorating ideas and inspiration.

Joining host Chris Carroll from The Life Creative was Metricon’s senior interior designer Jacinta Evans, alongside Madeline Ierfone and Claire Keppel from the Adairs marketing team.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend on the night, or catch the live broadcast via Facebook, here’s what you missed:

Metricon’s Lookbook: Inspiring Festive Styles

One of the biggest lessons attendees took away from the evening was the concept of allowing your current interior scheme at home to inspire your Christmas decorating choices.

Elegant Festive Style

A great example of this is two of Metricon’s more sophisticated Lookbook themes - Southhampton and Black Label - inspiring the Christmas theme we created with Adairs, called Elegant. It’s a beautifully rich festive style, and you can see more of it by clicking here.

Scandinavian Festive Style

The second Christmas look we developed using decorations from Adairs is a new take on the classic Scandinavian theme. Inspired by two of Metricon’s more subdued Lookbook themes - Nordic Elk and Urban Organic - it’s a look that celebrates rustic textures and a calm colour palette. See more of it here.

Whimsical Christmas Style

The most colourful of the three festive styles is the one inspired by Metricon’s Minerals and Graphix Lookbook themes. This one is called Whimsical because the look and feel really is quite playful. Explore more of the Whimsical style here.

Getting Hands-on: Making a Festive Mood Board

Attendees on the night also got hands-on making mood boards in Metricon’s Studio M.

A mood board is a great tool that allows you to put all of the colours, textures and patterns you love together in one place. Be it for a Christmas scheme or a room in your home, the approach is the same; place all of the elements together on your board and start to develop a design plan!

Attendees found this part of the evening particularly useful, and got to take their moods boards home so they could develop their favourite festive styles in the lead-up to Christmas.

Come Along to the Next Event

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