Entertaining outdoors is part of Australian culture.  It’s conducive to large, relaxed gatherings and suits our weather conditions.  A timber deck adds warmth to any home and at Metricon, we see a deck as the perfect practical solution for extra living and entertaining space in the warmer months.  In fact, a deck can often be one of the most highly trafficked areas of a home.  Exposure to the elements all year round, however, means it’s important to regularly maintain a deck to keep it looking great, ensure safety, and prevent any major repairs.

This simple maintenance schedule will help keep your deck looking like new so you can enjoy it all summer long.

Before the entertaining season: wash the deck 
  1. Regularly remove debris from between the decking boards.
  2. Scrub off any obvious debris and dirt on the boards such as bird droppings.
  3. Thoroughly sweep the deck.
  4. Choose a cleanser appropriate to your surface.
  5. Choose a cool and cloudy day to clean your deck so the cleanser doesn’t dry too quickly and stain the surface.
  6. Let the deck dry thoroughly before sealing.
 For a fast solution, you may pressure wash your deck, but this is not recommended on an ongoing basis as it can damage the timber. 

The first signs of warm weather: seal the deck 
  1. Choose a deck finish to suit your personal style:
  • Clear sealer - enhances the wood’s natural grain and color
  • Solid stain - seals weathering damage and completely covers the grain
  • Semi-transparent stain – changes the appearance of the wood and allows some grain to show
At Metricon we seal our decks with Sikkens products, as they are environmentally friendly, fast drying, UV and weather resistant and produce a durable but beautiful finish that accentuates the natural grain of the deck. 
  1. Choose a 2-day period with moderate temperatures and no rain.
  2. Lightly sand the deck to remove any splinters.
  3. Replace missing nails and hammer down any that have popped up.
  4. Apply the sealer or stain with a large roller so you can cover 3 or 4 boards at once. Try not to let the finish puddle or pool and don’t apply it too thickly – two thin coats are better than one thick one.

To keep your deck looking as good as possible, and to prevent any long-term weather damage, we recommend you re-seal your deck twice a year.  It is also advisable to clean the deck regularly, in particular just prior to re-sealing.
Your outdoor deck is a fantastic asset to your home.  Whether it’s open to the weather or has the protection of a pergola it provides space for family and friends to enjoy each other’s company in the fresh air.  A little bit of effort to maintain your deck will go a long way to protecting your asset and ensuring many years of enjoyment.
Although we do not supply decks as standard with our home contracts, at Metricon we work with a number of decking suppliers who can assist with a range of decking requirements. Just ask one of our friendly Studio M consultants about how we can assist with your decking needs. For decking inspiration, view our outdoor rooms gallery