One of the questions to ask yourself when you are considering building a brand new home is whether you should go for a single storey or double storey home. Let's examine the benefits of both styles of homes.

Many factors are going to influence your decision, with a major one being what sort of home is going to suit the size of your land. If you have a narrow block, for example, then it is going to make sense to go for a double storey home in order to maximise your living space. If you have a large block of land then you may instead to prefer to opt for a single storey home.

Metricon's Senior Residential Designer, Ricky D'Alesio, says "Smaller block sizes and the rising cost of land means double storeys are very much the growing trend, except in regional areas where there is space to spread out and land costs are less per square metre." "

If you have a narrow block and want a large backyard with a swimming pool, then a double storey home is a great choice because this style of home maximises the living space on narrow lots.

Another factor that will influence your decision is the budget, however, it is not necessarily true that double storey homes are double the cost. Ricky says, "Whilst the construction costs of double storey homes are usually around 15% higher, they can be built on smaller, more affordable blocks. As land becomes scarcer, larger blocks will continue to attract a premium price tag."

Single storey homes provide the ability to stretch out on a large block of land.

Both styles of homes do have their benefits. According to Ricky, single storey homes are ideal for many people due to the absence of stairs: "Retirees often prefer single storey homes as they downsize from a larger home, because there are no stairs to worry about. Single storey styles are also popular with families with young children because it's easier to keep an eye on the kids and you avoid any safety issues related to stairs".

Double storey homes are a great choice to maximise living space on narrow blocks.

There are also benefits if you choose a double storey home. Ricky says, "Families with older kids may opt for a double storey design because they offer a better separation of living areas. Generally, there is more of a garden or yard footprint with a two storey home, as it goes up, not out. Many buyers will choose a double storey design to maximise the living space on a small or narrow lot." Depending upon the aspect of your property, a double storey home may also allow you to enjoy some great views that are not possible in a single storey home.

So the decision to build a single storey or a double storey home is ultimately going to come back to a number of factors - your budget, the size of your block of land, and your family and lifestyle requirements. So whichever style of home you ultimately choose to go with, we have plenty of great home designs for you to consider, including popular single storey ranch style homes that suit large country blocks as well as elegant double storey homes that are ideal for narrow suburban blocks.