With so many amazing display homes around the country, we know that it can be hard to get to them all. Whether it’s too far to travel, you’re practising social distancing or you just love the comfort of your couch (who can blame you!), we’ve come up with an exciting way for you to tour our displays on your smart device or laptop.

We’re not just talking about browsing our photo gallery or reviewing our professionally designed floorplans – we’re talking about touring a display home with full 3D views of the space. These are Metricon 3D Virtual Display Tours.

Using a combination of infrared and photogrammetry scanners, we have captured more than 60 of our beautiful display homes in full 3D, so that you can now take a walk through a range of our home designs without leaving your desk, controlling where you go and what you see in complete 3D.

Anyway, enough tech mumbo jumbo - let's show you how to access these great features on the Metricon website.

How to view

The easiest way to view our 3D Virtual Display Tours is by hovering over 'Home Designs' in the top left of your screen, and clicking on the 'Virtual Tours' tile. That will take you to the full list of homes available to tour in 3D in your region.

A screenshot explaining how to find the Virtual Tours on the Metricon website.

If you want to browse our entire range of homes - not just those with 3D tours - you can still do so while keeping an eye out for the immersive experience. When you’re browsing all home designs online, look for the 3D logo in the top, left corner of each display home icon. If it has the logo, you can step in and walk through the display home.

Finally, you can use our advanced search function to filter for only homes that have the 3D tour available. This will also allow you to set other parameters around the homes that appear in your search - including size, brand, features, price and more.

Once you've clicked through to the home that you want to inspect, scroll down to the gallery to find the virtual tours option. Once you launch the tour, there are three exciting ways to tour our homes in 3D. They are:

Live floorplan


We get it. Floorplans aren’t always the most inspirational imagery to look at. When you’re trying to choose your new home, the black and white images will often blend into one until you can’t tell your Bayville from your Vantage.

That’s where our live floorplan changes things. Now, you can get a bird’s eye view of a real display home – fully decorated and ready to live in. This perspective provides an intuitive understanding of the layout and you can zoom in and out as you please to really understand each room and it’s position in the home.

First person


Have you ever used Google Street View to find your way around before? Our first person view is similar to that, but so much better. This view allows you to click your way around the home as if you are walking around it. You can move from room to room, and in each spot see a full 360 degrees around you.

This view is the closest experience you can have to actually being in a display – with the perks that you don’t have to drive anywhere, you don’t have to leave the couch and you can do it in your pyjamas. Not that we wouldn’t let you into our display if you were wearing pyjamas but… well, you know what we mean.

We’d still love to have you at our display homes, so if you can, we recommend using the 3D virtual tour to whittle your shortlist of Metricon display homes down so that there’s less travel involved.

Dollhouse view 


This is where you can start to have a little fun. In this view, the home is yours to rotate and zoom as you wish. You can flip it upside down, spin it round and round or… examine the house from a new perspective (that’s what we recommend). We’ve named it dollhouse because it lets you play with the house exactly like you do a dollhouse – you’ll be able to see into it from different perspectives.

Not sure where to start? Here are some of our favourite homes to tour:

Remember, if you're looking for a 3D virtual tour, the best way to find one is by using our advanced filtering option on our home designs page. If not, look out for the 3D logo.

With our virtual tours making it so easy for you to walk around our homes, it’s easier than ever to find the right layout for your needs. We are dedicated to help you find the perfect home where you love where you live.

Please note that our display homes are currently available to view via appointment only. To book an appointment, please call 1300 786 733.