Ever dreamed of stepping out into one of our beautiful display homes without leaving the comfort of your own couch? Online browsing through our extensive range of home designs and floor plans may be a great starting point, but now we have launched something extra special - which we know you’ll love!

In 2015 we have revolutionised the way you can experience our homes online. We have partnered up with world leading 3D specialist and new Australian start-up Scann3d to bring you a new fully immersive experience. Using a combination of infrared and photogrammetry scanners, we have captured more than 60 of our beautiful display homes in full 3D, so that you can now take a walk through a range of our home designs without leaving your desk, controlling where you go and what you see in complete 3D.

Metricon is the first home builder in the southern hemisphere to adopt this ground breaking technology! This is definitely worth checking out.

Our 3D virtual inspections are presented on our website in three exciting interactive ways:

Firstly our live floor plan allows you to view the property from a bird’s eye view. This perspective provides an intuitive understanding of the layout, a great way to see how rooms flow and how furniture can be cleverly placed.

The dollhouse view provides an unprecedented view of the home design allowing for an incredible three dimensional experience.

Lastly the first person view is where the magic all happens! Here you can step inside your dream home, immersing yourself in all the physical glory that is a Metricon Home!

To see the exciting 3D home tours for yourself, look for the Virtual Tours tab on our home designs.

You can check out some right now:

VIC: http://www.metricon.com.au/new-home-designs/melbourne/agar

SA: http://www.metricon.com.au/new-home-designs/sa/fortitude#31

NSW: http://www.metricon.com.au/new-home-designs/sydney-region/mantra#22

QLD: http://www.metricon.com.au/new-home-designs/qld/bohemian

To learn more about this exciting technology, watch below: