Can’t get enough of Scandinavian homes and their stunning interiors? Discover Nordic Elk, a timeless, Scanidinavian-inspired interior theme that evokes understated, minimalist style. With natural textures and organic elements, Nordic Elk offers a more rustic interpretation of this classic, clean look.

With its rugged textures, organic elements and natural colour schemes, the Nordic Elk theme also features clever contrasting, keeping to a contemporary finish. The use of woodland animals such as deer’s, elks, owls and rabbits as motifs throughout the home, also typify this style.

If you love the crisp clean lines of a contemporary finish, but equally appreciate textual finishes and contrasting colours - Nordic Elk is likely to be the style for you. To experience Nordic Elk, visit one of our four displays in Melbourne that have been beautifully styled in this theme or explore the style on Lookbook.

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