You might have heard the term ‘Hebel’ bandied about and thought ‘Isn’t that a town in Queensland? Or something to do with construction?’

Well, you’d be right in both cases but we’re all about home building in this blog so in this post we’ll be talking about Hebel blocks as a building material (a shout out to Hebel, Queensland, which we’re sure is a terrific place to visit).

So what is Hebel, you ask?

We could tell you that Hebel is a high performance autoclave aerated concrete building system but we don’t want you to nod off. Instead, we’ve enlisted our design director, Adrian Popple, to tell you about the benefits of this smart masonry product.

What are the benefits of building with Hebel?

We recommend using Hebel as an external and internal building product because it’s efficient, stable and provides a high quality finish while maintaining the look and feel of solid masonry.

What has been the most satisfying aspect of designing and building with Hebel?

Creating aspirational homes that are both attractive, appealing and efficient to build while providing environmental benefits is a very satisfying balance to achieve as a designer.  

We also love that Hebel gives us the design flexibility we couldn’t normally achieve with masonry. Hebel’s unique structure enables us to create innovative designs that are well articulated while keeping the look and feel of masonry that so many of our customers love.

Hebel also has a great flooring solution that we commonly use in our double storey home ranges.

How does using Hebel help the building process?

Hebel wall panels can be installed faster than conventional external veneers. It therefore has the potential to streamline the building process, particularly when a render finish is preferred.

Are there any environmental benefits in using Hebel?

Waste management is a key environmental issue that Metricon is committed to addressing. By using Hebel we’re able to reduce land fill. And due to Hebel’s light weight structure it can easily be transported from site to site.

What sort of feedback have you had from your customers who have chosen to build with Hebel?

Our customers have been delighted with the finish and appearance of Metricon homes that use Hebel. Examples of Metricon home designs using Hebel include the Hayman (pictured above), Bohemian (below left) and Bordeaux (below right).

Metricon Bohemian using Hebel in the facadeMetricon Bordeaux using Hebel in the facade