Ever wondered what goes into in building a house? The actual nuts and bolts of starting with a vacant plot and ending up with a beautiful new home? Unless you're on a building site every day, you don't often get the chance to see a home being built, literally, from the ground up. Our Metricon team in Queensland decided to film the entire building process of a new Mantra home - and then condensed it to a single minute!

For those who like to know the nitty-gritty, here’s an overview of the construction process here at Metricon. Keep in mind that the process may differ slightly depending on the region in which you build.

Still want to know more? Here's a breakdown of our construction process, stage by stage. 

Base stage

The key activities that occur during the base stage are:

  • excavation and preparation of the site for concrete pour
  • site drainage installation
  • retaining wall installation (if applicable)
  • application of termite protection (if applicable)
  • electrical meter box installation
  • pouring the slab
  • quality assurance inspection by your site manager
  • independent building surveyor inspections
  • cleaning of slab and site clean.

Frame stage

The key activities that occur during the frame stage are:

  • erecting your wall frame and roof trusses
  • cleaning of site and removal of all debris
  • quality assurance inspection by your site manager
  • independent frame inspection by building surveyor.

Home exterior (lock-up) stage

The key activities that occur during the lock-up stage are:

  • installation of the fascia and gutter
  • installation of all windows
  • installation of the roof covering (tiles or Colorbond)
  • completion of brickwork and external cladding
  • fitting of external doors
  • Metricon Quality Assurance team pre-plaster inspection.

Home interior (fixing)

The key activities that occur during the fixing stage are:

  • internal cladding (plaster is hung)
  • architraves and skirting
  • stairs (for double storey homes)
  • baths, basins, troughs and sinks
  • internal doors, cabinets, shelves and cupboards
  • attached garages and front porticos.

Finishing touches (completion)

The key activities that occur during the completion stage are:

  • completion of remaining items and preparation of your home for settlement
  • Metricon Quality Assurance team inspection
  • presentation of your home to you including:
  • settlement of your home, including:
  • an overview of our new home service inspection
  • presenting you with the keys to your new home.

How long does it take to build a home?

The most commonly asked question we receive is ‘How long will it take to build my house?’

 The answer varies, based on a number of matters such as:

  • the home you choose
  • finance approvals
  • the extent of changes you request
  • any relevant developer and planning regulations
  • when the land subdivision is completed
  • obtaining building and planning permits
  • resolving any site problems
  • how busy the building industry is (e.g. the time of year, the availability of tradespeople and the supply of building materials)
  • any issues specific to your contract
  • demolition of existing home (if required).

If this has fired you up to get a new home of your own, check out our home designs or get in contact with us – we’d love to build your dream home!