They say a picture is worth a thousand words because it captures a special moment in time. Well, who wouldn’t want to harness the ability to trigger nostalgic memories, with a sophisticated yet quirky interior look? 

We were inspired by the location of a display centre on the re-developed site of the former Kodak film and manufacturing plant in inner Melbourne to develop this sophisticated new LookBook theme, appropriately named Kodak Moments.

The theme creates a real sense of style by boldly using black and white photography teamed with vintage vogue fashion in an eclectic mix of styles that sits comfortably next to contemporary furniture.

Moody grey and black leathers are mixed with white finishes and stainless steel embellishments to create an overall effect that mimics the intrigue of photography as an art form.

The contrast of charcoal, black and white tones creates a simple and chic palette to showcase a mismatch of old world pieces that add a sense of authenticity including vintage cameras, film and photography equipment.

These quirky pieces juxtapose with the slick contemporary timber furniture and designer pieces to create a cohesive yet intriguing space to discover.

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