Getting your home ready for the festive season is lots of fun but it can also be a daunting task. Do you drag out the same stuff as last year (safe but boring) or do you go all out and try something completely new?

Decorating your table for festive feasts is all about taking inspiration from the rest of your home, then creating something that will complement it. The dining table is the place where family, friends and relatives are going to gather for delicious food and fun, so we've teamed up with Chris Carroll from The Life Creative to give you some ideas for your own table.

Using a range of beautiful pieces from Adairs, Chris and our interior designers Hannah and Jacinta have created three festive table settings styled in three LookBook themes: Scandinavian, Global Fusion and Maison Classique.

We hope you enjoy watching our videos and, hopefully, find inspiration for your own table setting.

Festive table setting: Maison Classique theme


Festive table setting: Scandinavian theme


Festive table setting: Global Fusion theme


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