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TownLiving by Metricon brings cutting edge designs to terrace home living.



TownLiving by Metricon lifts the bar on terrace home living with a range of contemporary and stylish terrace home designs to maximise space and support your choice for a flexible low maintenance lifestyle.

With striking and distinctive facades and innovative and inspirational interiors, our limited terrace home opportunities are located amidst some of Queensland’s most desirable landscapes.

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TownLiving in Queensland

What are the benefits of TownLiving?

As Australia’s largest home builder, for more than 40 years we have remained at the forefront of innovative and practical design. Our move into the terrace home market through our TownLiving range, therefore, is a natural evolution. That evolution brings with it a range of benefits for the home owner or investor. We understand there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to terrace living, and our TownLiving range includes a range of cutting edge designs. Living in some of the state’s most desirable urban landscapes opens up easy access to facilities, services and infrastructure, sometimes only a few steps away. And it is all about living where you want to live, how you want to live, with all the stunning fittings and features you would expect in a Metricon home. TownLiving beautifully integrates individual terrace homes with adjoining properties to create a street vista that shapes the environment, taking the ‘statement home’ to the next level, and lifting the bar in terrace living.

What are the different TownLiving designs available?

Our design philosophy is based around celebrating Australian family life in all its wonderful variety, no matter what its size. And what better life for a family than in Queensland, with our home designs made with the unique Queensland climate in mind. Our entire Metricon home range is stylish, innovative and factors in your lifestyle, as well as your life. You can have peace of mind knowing that our TownLiving designs continue that tradition, and there is plenty to choose from to help you create your dream home. We understand how important that creativity can be, and we are prepared to go to the extra step to make sure the interior of your terrace is perfect for you. If you commit to buying a TownLiving home early, you can significantly increase your influence in the interior design. That means choosing your favourite colour palette, tiles and flooring, and selected upgrades to fittings and features. All this can provide you with an opportunity almost unheard of in the market, but it’s only available before construction begins on the first terrace home in your project.

Why are people choosing terrace home living?

Convenience and flexibility is at the heart of choosing terrace home living, no matter your age or stage in life. If you are a busy professional, working in a city area, having a comfortable, stylish and low maintenance home can be a big attraction. As it can for those downsizing from a larger family home. As empty nesters, having the ability to cash in a larger home and buy something more manageable, yet modern and innovative can be a great relief. The one thing those choosing TownLiving have in common is wanting to be close to the action. Perhaps they want to be near their work, or large population centres that can help their business. Maybe it’s the entertainment venues, the restaurants or the sporting facilities. For some, it is being close to services like public transport or hospital or allied health centres. Having easy access to urban landscapes and everything they offer is at the heart of every TownLiving experience. It really is the best of both worlds; an active community environment, and a great home to come home to. We know the importance of loving were you live, and we pride ourselves on selling homes for the right reasons. We want your home to suit your needs perfectly, without comprise, and without breaking your budget. We know you will fall in love with our TownLiving range, and what it will mean for your lifestyle, and the lifestyle of the ones you love.

TownLiving Homes

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