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The Metricon story began in 1976 with a very simple design philosophy: to not just build houses, but to design stunning homes where you'd love to live, homes that celebrate Australian family life in all its wonderful variety. This simple idea was the guiding principle that drove our company founders to establish Metricon and it's still the cornerstone of our design philosophy today.


Wherever you are in the story of your life, let us help you truly love where you live. At Metricon, we have a home for everyone, from starter homes that are easy, fast and affordable through to grand family homes that exemplify design, luxury and style. We have hundreds of flexible, light-filled designs to explore: one is sure to be right for you. Families, singles, upsizers, empty nesters, 18-80, budget buyer to the sky’s the limit – whatever your personal story is, just talk to us about your dreams and we’ll help them come true.

Metricon is recognised as one of the country’s leading home builders and has received display and design awards from both the Housing Industry of Australia and the Master Builders’ Association.

With a great choice of both single and double storey homes across our variety of brands you are bound to find a home design that is perfect for whatever stage you are at in life. For nearly four decades our beautiful home designs have been at the forefront of design and innovation amongst Australia's home builders. 


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At Metricon we don't just build houses, we build homes. Homes where you will feel comfortable and relaxed in and where you and your family can create memories. At Metricon we pride ourselves in building beautiful homes where you will love to live! Our range of homes celebrate the Australian lifestyle, ensuring that every family can enjoy a functional and spacious home.

Whether you are a first home buyer on a tight budget, a family wanting to upgrade and personalise their living space, or an investor wanting to build a dual occupancy house on a block, Metricon has the house design for you. We have a large range of house designs, each falling under one of our brands. Each group of homes have their own unique features and extras. Discover all the Metricon brands and explore the possibilities for your very own dream home. One thing is certain though, no matter which brand you choose, you will get the home of your dreams with Metricon.

Signature by Metricon

For home owners who only want the very best this range is for you. Our Signature by Metricon homes give you access to a home designed to meet all your needs. Signature by Metricon will give you a home that is uniquely yours, a place where you love to live! With Signature by Metricon, your home will not just be customised to your needs but will also have large open spaces, the finest finishes and your own sense of style. You can't go past the Signature by Metricon range if you want to make your dream a reality.

Designer by Metricon

Home owners with a love for open spaces, light filled rooms and quality finishes will love our range of Designer by Metricon homes. The Designer by Metricon range allows you to capture the modern Australian lifestyle. Home owners choosing a Designer by Metricon home will receive an outstanding home at an affordable price. Designer by Metricon homes are packed with functionality and luxury. To get a better idea of how you can benefit from one of these homes, be sure to have a look at each of the stunning home designs in the Designer by Metricon range.

Freedom by Metricon

Freedom by Metricon homes give you the opportunity to obtain a home where you can truly be yourself. Our Freedom by Metricon range provides you with a choice of either single-storey or double-storey designs, which include space for your growing family. This range of home designs are affordable, whilst still offering you the open spaces and quality fixtures you deserve. Freedom by Metricon is where stylish design meets outstanding affordability.

HomeSolution by Metricon

Our HomeSolution by Metricon brand gives you access to an affordable and functional home. Whether you are single, a couple just starting out in life, or a family wanting an affordable home builder, HomeSolution by Metricon will give you everything you need to start your life. HomeSolution by Metricon can also help you with finance solutions through the Loan Gallery, the finance partner of Metricon. Loan Gallery can help home owners to secure an affordable loan, making the purchase of a new home a lot easier. This is just one of the many benefits of choosing Metricon as your home builder.

DualOcc by Metricon

DualOcc by Metricon allows you to unlock the potential of your property. When you build a DualOcc by Metricon home we can assist with providing a tailored end-to-end solution, whether you are a downsizer, investor or simply looking to build a nest egg. Our home designs are also designed to ensure they have the best chance of complying with local council planning regulations.

DualOcc by Metricon home designs are characterised by their smart use of space, as well as the quality of the materials used during the construction process. DualOcc by Metricon homes also allow you to create future opportunities too. Our DualOcc by Metricon designs can be rented out or sold meaning that these homes are the perfect investment for a property developer or prospective property investor.

The DualOcc by Metricon brand is the perfect way to increase the value of your block of land by building multiple houses on the one block. When you choose a DualOcc by Metricon design you can also choose between free standing designs and side-by-side - or duplex - homes - whatever suits your requirements or block of land.

Keen to know more about each of our different brands? Our team of home builder specialists are happy to answer your enquiries at any time during business hours and weekends.

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