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Customers First: Staying Positive During a Pandemic

Muhit Mirza - New Home Advisor, New South Wales

Despite working in a volatile housing market during lockdown, Metricon New Home Advisor Muhit Mirza is continuing to help people find their dream home.

Meet Muhit Mirza

Muhit Mirza is easy to get along with. He’s relaxed, friendly and always radiating positive energy. It’s obvious why he’s so successful at selling homes. Yet he didn’t discover his passion for exceptional customer service until he built his first home.

“I left my career in finance when I was building my own house. I was dealing with a small builder who went bankrupt after they poured my concrete slab. I had to jump in, deal with the insurance company, and finish it off myself. That was a point of self-realisation for me – I found the challenge really enjoyable! My wife told me to give it a shot while the opportunity was there. And here I am today, working in the building industry!”
Muhit has been working for Metricon as a New Home Advisor for close to two years. His role involves consulting with home-buyers to provide guidance on what they can achieve within their price range. When asked about why he chooses to work for Metricon, Muhit says he enjoys the customer experience:
This doesn’t feel like work to me – since I joined the building industry, I’ve begun to really love the customer service aspect. It’s not just about selling something; to me, it’s more about connecting with someone and getting to know what’s important to them. If you have a casual conversation, straight away, the customer will feel comfortable with you. In between, we’ll talk about houses, what their objectives are, and what their price point is. It’s like a puzzle; we put all the pieces together to find their dream home.

​COVID-19: a changing landscape and a positive culture

“Prior to COVID, things were on autopilot. We had a lot of people coming in each week. I would say we took things for granted back then. Right now, the landscape is obviously more challenging.”

Despite the unpredictability caused by the pandemic, Muhit says he feels at ease knowing Metricon is there to provide support. 

“Everyone was concerned about their job - who isn’t, right now? But it was comforting to hear our CEO tell us not to worry, and that they were going to move to remote resources to keep things running smoothly. There are still people wanting to build, and lots of jobs in the system. We knew there were going to be hiccups along the way, but our team leaders were always there to support us.”
Muhit says he is grateful for the constant communication between management and his team:

“Management was so involved. To them, it wasn’t about numbers and performance, it was more about asking if we were safe. Are we okay? Is our family alright? I thought that was way more important than anything else at the time. I’ve never experienced that from an employer before.”

Muhit shares advice for others about staying positive and feeling empowered.

“The most important attitude and mindset that helped me was understanding that yes, there are going to be problems, but that shouldn’t stop life. Keep striving forward, stay focused and always do your best. We’ll come through this stronger than ever.”

Thank you, Muhit, for the positive energy you bring to Metricon.

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