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Embracing Evolution

Meet Kirsty Bell, Metricon’s Building Support Team Lead, Adelaide

Amidst the challenges of 2020, Kirsty Bell’s still kicking goals every day at Metricon. She says it comes down to three factors: her incredible team, her outstanding boss, and Metricon’s enduring compassion for our customers and each other.

Powering on, brick by brick

Kirsty Bell began her Metricon journey almost four years ago as a Building Support Coordinator, before becoming a Building Support Manager in mid-2019. Today, she leads a team of trade, administrative, and onsite support workers who, together, bring our customers’ dream homes to life. And while this year has brought unique challenges, Kirsty and her team have taken the changes in their stride, and uncovered even more efficient ways to approach their work.
“2020 has pushed us all to our limits. But we’ve stepped up and adapted in unexpected ways. Metricon provided the technology and resources we needed to work from home immediately - and we just powered on. Adjusting to limited teams on site and not being able to meet customers in person has been tough. But with online meetings and digital contracts, we’ve been able to keep our projects rolling along nicely - and often at a quicker pace than when we were working face to face. We’ll continue to have frequent video meetings to connect team members on and off-site into the future.”

The key to persevering as a team, she shares, has been supporting each other.
“For many of us, remote working was a new and somewhat daunting concept. But it’s funny how something so unfamiliar began feeling like the new normal. Our team has really come together. We’ve been checking in with one another - particularly our colleagues who are living alone. We’re a family so we look out for each other.”  

Building homes, the right way

When reflecting on her time at Metricon so far, Kirsty says that Metricon's caring and compassionate customer service is what sets us apart - as an organisation and an employer.
“We see and treat our customers as part of our family - which means we treat our customer homes as if they’re our own. I’ve worked for other building companies - and the difference is like night and day. The whole Metricon family takes pride in what we deliver, and how we engage with customers.”
This caring approach has been particularly important this year, following the catastrophic bushfire season, shares Kirsty.
“Clients who are rebuilding their homes following the bushfires have been through enough. My team and I want to do everything in our power to accelerate the building processes. They deserve to be living in their family home again as quickly and seamlessly as possible. So in the midst of a global pandemic or not, they deserve the best. It’s a privilege to build someone’s home - so it makes me feel good to be chosen by our customers.”

The path to leadership

A trail blazer, Kirsty has an exciting future ahead of her. She says she has a fantastic boss who will support to reach her goals. And something that she’s always considered is becoming our first female site manager in South Australia.
“I’m halfway through my Certificate 4 in Building and Construction. I’m looking forward to moving away from the office and getting my hands dirty. And I know my boss, Neil, will help me get there. He’s a true leader; approachable, respectful, loyal, and kind. I aspire to lead like him.”
Hats off to you and your team, Kirsty. You’ve all shown kindness, determination and resilience during these extraordinary times.

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