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Extraordinary Evolution

Meet Angus Keith, Metricon’s Senior End User Computing Engineer

Angus Keith has forged an impressive career over the last six years as one of our expert tech gurus. In the midst of the current pandemic, Angus and our outstanding Technology team have taken our technology systems to the next level to support our people working remotely.

Meet Angus

Angus joined the Metricon family in 2014 as a Service Desk Analyst. Just two years later, he stepped up as our End User Computing Engineer, before becoming Senior End User Computing Engineer in 2019. Looking back, Angus is proud of how far he’s come. A key reason he chooses Metricon, he shares, is the outstanding career progression he’s experienced in a relatively short time.

“I started with Metricon after I graduated from uni and I’ve worked my way up through various roles – learning so much along the way. In each role, I’ve been exposed to a broad range of IT issues in terms of what I encounter in the day to day. I’ve heard that in some IT roles at other companies, you might only be able to work on one aspect of the system. But here, we’re not pigeon-holed.”

And his position today is no different, shares Angus. On paper, his role is to manage the systems involved in onboarding and recruitment - from setting up candidate accounts to installing new hardware across various departments. In reality however, this responsibility offers a host of diverse technical challenges - each a unique learning opportunity.

“There is always something to discover – it’s a great challenge. Most of the time it’s about learning on the fly; I’m constantly problem-solving. But I love the feeling of accomplishment when I get to the bottom of each issue.”

Indeed, COVID-19 has accelerated Angus’s technical skills like never before. The pandemic has drawn our IT systems into previously unchartered territory: a new reality in which many of our people working remotely throughout 2020. With Metricon people taking their laptops, iPads and phones home, Angus and our IT team have worked hard to identify new ways to solve technical issues remotely. In the past, some of those issues were thought to be impossible to address without the IT team having the user’s device in hand.

“Before coronavirus, if someone had a technical problem, they would bring it in and we would fix it. This year we’ve been working to fix all issues remotely. It’s been a learning curve – and a real eye-opener to uncover new ways to solve complex problems from afar. We’re constantly finding new ways to deliver a better client experience for people working from home – like using video conferencing software to talk the user through an issue, step by step, for example. Day-by-day, our solutions have become more robust.”

It's clear that Angus appreciates just how important it is to enable remote working and communication in today’s environment.
" Our people have worked really productively this year, so I love that I have been able to use my skills to enable them."
Stepping back from the technical advancements achieved over the last few months and considering his personal experience, Angus says that he’s grateful for the support he’s received at Metricon.

“I’m really close with my team. We’re a tight-knit group and everyone is there for you at the drop of a hat. And I feel really supported by Metricon. They’ve provided us with the right gear to do our job from any location, and they’ve always made sure we’re working in a safe environment.”

Congratulations Angus, for always embracing a challenge – throughout your career with us, and during these trying times.

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